South Australian marine species lists

Brushtail pipefish

One of the popular features of the Marine Life Society of South Australia’s former website (prior to 2014) was its Photo Index of local species.

As of 2015, MLSSA has started developing a series of species lists which will ultimately feature images from the Photo Index collection.

The end result is intended to be an illustrated online guide to assist with species identification, and also provide a gateway for people to conveniently add sighting records to the Atlas of Living Australia. Currently, where available, images of listed species can be seen by clicking on the species’ name.

This page is a work in progress, and peer review is most welcome.


Bony fishes Marine mammals Sharks, rays & skates
Flounder Dolphins & whales  Fiddler rays
Leatherjackets Seals & sea-lions Hardnose skates
Pipefish Softnose skates
Seahorses Stingarees
Sunfish Wobbegongs


Cephalopods Crabs & Lobsters Echinoderms
Cuttlefish Snapping shrimp Sea stars
Nautilus Spider crabs Sea urchins
Octopus  Hermit crabs Feather stars & crinoids
Squid Cnidarians Brittle stars & basket stars
Jellyfish Sea cucumbers

Other lists

Species of conservation concern
Invasive species
Sea turtles


  • 6 December 2017 – Dan Monceaux
  • 27 February 2018 – Dan Monceaux (added hermit crabs list)

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