Sea urchins – ECHINOIDEA

Underside of a purple sea urchin, teeth open

Records held by the Atlas of Living Australia show that at least 32 species of sea urchins have been sighted in South Australian waters. In order to minimise the threat of erroneous records falsely extending this list, I’ve only included species for which at least two sighting records were found.


Amblypneustes elevatus Sea urchin 1872, Hutton
Amblypneustes formosus Sea urchin 1846, Valenciennes
Amblypneustes grandis 1912, H.L. Clark
Amblypneustes leucoglobus Sea urchin 1914, Döderlein
Amblypneustes ovum Sea urchin 1816, Lamarck
Amblypneustes pallidus 1816, Lamarck
Ammotrophus cyclius 1928, H.L. Clark
Breynia australasiae 1815, Leach
Brissus agassizii Sea urchin 1885, Döderlein
Centrostephanus tenuispinus Western longspine sea urchin 1914, H.L. Clark
Echinocardium cordatum Heart urchin 1777, Pennant
Echinocyamus platytatus Sea urchin 1914, H.L. Clark
Evechinus chloroticus 1846, Valenciennes
Genocidaris incerta Sea urchin 1928, H.L. Clark
Goniocidaris impressa Sea urchin 1926, Koehler
Goniocidaris tubaria Sea urchin 1816, Lamarck
Gracilechinus multidentatus 1925, H.L. Clark
Granobrissoides dyscritus Heart urchin 1938, H.L. Clark
Heliocidaris erythrogramma Purple sea urchin 1846, Valenciennes
Holopneustes inflatus Seagrass sea urchin 1872, Lütken
Holopneustes porosissimus Red-spined sea urchin 1846, L. Agassiz
Holopneustes purpurascens Sea urchin 1872, A. Agassiz
Microcyphus annulatus Sea urchin 1904, Mortensen
Microcyphus compsus Sea urchin 1912, H.L. Clark
Microcyphus zigzag Sea urchin 1846, L. Agassiz
Pachycentrotus australiae 1872, A. Agassiz
Peronella peronii Sea urchin 1841, L. Agassiz
Phormosoma bursarium 1881, A. Agassiz
Phyllacanthus irregularis Sea urchin 1928, Mortensen
Protenaster australis Heart urchin 1851, Gray
Temnopleurus michaelseni 1914, Döderlein
Temnopleurus toreumaticus 1778, Leske

Compiled by Dan Monceaux, 5 December 2017