About Us

Marine Life Society of South Australia Inc

Established in 1976, MLSSA aims to foster the study of marine life, promote education and public awareness of all life in the sea and to encourage the conservation and protection of South Australia’s unique and beautiful marine environment.

MLSSA members engage in a variety of activities including diving and snorkelling, underwater photography and study of the local marine environment. Our knowledge and educational resource materials are available to all.

The History of the Marine Life Society Inc.

The predecessor of MLSSA was the Marine Aquarium Research Institute of Australia (MARIA), and it was founded in Sydney in December 1969. By 1974 there were members in all states and many from overseas. Branches had been set up in Adelaide, Melbourne, Woolongong, Newcastle and Cairns.

Membership of the Institute gradually dwindled and branches closed. By 1982 the only branch left was in Adelaide and the decision was made to close and re-open with a new name, constitution and aims.

September 15th 1982 marked the final meeting of MARIA (SA) and the present Society was born.

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