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Dr Wolfgang Zeidler , South Australian Museum · Marine Invertebrates, BSc. (Hons.), MSc., PhD, is the Patron for the Marine Life Society of South Australia

General meetings are NORMALLY held at 7pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from February to November. Meetings are USUALLY  held at the Port Environment Centre, 27 North Parade, Port Adelaide, but are sometimes held elsewhere.

Current financial members are welcome to participate in the discussion of marine conservation matters on the mlssa Facebook page.

Financial members are informed of Society activity via  a monthly e-mail mail-out. Regular articles on marine life and marine conservation subjects are posted to this website, which was launched in May 2014.

The Society continues to promote events for other organisations that are deemed relevant to the Society’s member base.

The Committee welcomes your input by email, Facebook or Twitter correspondence.

The Marine Life Society of South Australia NORMALLY elects a new committee at its Annual General Meeting each year (usually in May).

The present committee is:

  • Steve Reynolds – President
  • Phill McPeake – Treasurer
  • David Muirhead – Secretary
  • Chris Hall – Committee Member
  • Wayne Leifert – Committee Member

The Society and its elected Committee functions in accordance with its Constitution, Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.


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  1. Hi there. Chris Lemar here from the Adopt A Spot Scheme. I am just confirming I can do a Marine Debris presentation at your meeting on the 16th of Dec if it goes ahead.

    Thank you.

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