Hermit crabs – PAGURIDAE

At least 10 species of hermit crabs have been recorded in South Australian marine waters, according to the Atlas of Living Australia and local marine scientists. This list is provisional only, and is awaiting further feedback from local marine invertebrate experts.

Genus Species Common name Described
Dardanus arrosor Striated hermit crab 1796, Herbst
Micropagurus acantholepis Tiny hermit crab 1858, Stimpson
Paguristes brevirostris Southern hermit crab 1905, Baker
Paguristes frontalis Common hermit crab 1836, H. Milne Edwards
Paguristes sulcatus Hairy legged hermit crab 1905, Baker
Pagurixus handrecki Clarrie’s hermit crab 1992, Gunn & Morgan
Pagurixus jerviensis 1984, McLaughlin & Haig
Paragiopagurus diogenes 1900, Whitelegge
Strigopagurus elongatus 1995, Forest
Strigopagurus strigimanus Red hermit crab 1847, White


  • 27 February 2018 – Dan Monceaux (created first draft of list)