Stingarees – UROLOPHIDAE

Spotted stingaree (Urolophus gigas) - Christmas Cove, Kangaroo Island - Dan Monceaux 2015.

According to the Atlas of Living Australia, at least 10 species of stingarees have been recorded in South Australia. If you have photographs of any of these species, or a stingaree which you are yet to positively identify, please contact us.

Genus Species Common name Described IUCN Listing
Trygonoptera imitata Eastern shovelnose stingaree 2008, Yearsley, Last & Gomon
Trygonoptera mucosa Western shovelnose stingaree 1939, Whitley Least concern
Trygonoptera ovalis Striped stingaree 1987, Last & Gomon Least concern
Trygonoptera testacea Common stingaree 1841, Müller & Henle Least concern
Urolophus cruciatus Banded stingaree 1804, Lacépède Least concern
Urolophus expansus Wide stingaree 1916, McCulloch Least concern
Urolophus gigas Spotted stingaree 1954, Scott Least concern
Urolophus orarius Coastal stingaree 1987, Last & Gomon Endangered
Urolophus paucimaculatus Sparsely-spotted stingaree 1969, Dixon Least concern
Urolophus viridis Greenback stingaree 1916, McCulloch Vulnerable

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