Snapping shrimp – ALPHEIDAE

At least 14 species of snapping shrimp have been recorded in South Australian waters, according to the Atlas of Living Australia. This list is provisional, owing to the absence of records from the SA Museum from the ALA.

Genus Species Common name Described
Alpheus australiensis 1982, Banner & Banner
Alpheus bidens Mottled snapping prawn 1811, Olivier
Alpheus gracilis 1861, Heller
Alpheus novaezealandiae New Zealand snapping prawn 1876, Miers
Alpheus parasocialis Social snapping shrimp 1982, Banner & Banner
Alpheus richardsoni Snapping shrimp 1971, Yaldwin
Alpheus villosus Hairy snapping shrimp 1811, Olivier
Athanas granti 1908, Coutière
Athanas parvus 1910, de Man
Betaeus australis 1860, Stimpson
Synalpheus fossor 1875, Paul’son
Synalpheus neomerus 1897, de Man
Synalpheus streptodactylus 1905, Coutière
Synalpheus tumidomanus Fat-handed snapping shrimp 1875, Paul’son

Last updated: 27 April 2015 – Dan Monceaux

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