Sea cucumbers – HOLOTHUROIDEA

The list below was compiled from a review of records held by the Atlas of Living Australia. Only records identified to species level have been included, and those for which at least two records exist in South Australian and adjacent Commonwealth waters. Images of any of the species below would be warmly received by the Society.

Australostichopus mollis Soft sea cucumber 1872, Hutton
Ceto cuvieria Cuvier’s sea cucumber 1817, Cuvier
Cucuvitrum rowei Sea cucumber 1993, O’Loughlin & O’Hara
Holothuria hartmeyeri Holothurian 1913, Erwe
Leptosynapta dolabrifera Sea cucumber 1855, Stimpson
Lipotrapeza vestiens Sea cucumber 1914, Joshua
Neoamphicyclus altoffi 2007, O’Loughlin
Neoamphicyclus materiae Sea cucumber 2007, O’Loughlin
Neoamphicyclus mutans Sea cucumber 1914, Joshua
Paracaudina luticola Sea cucumber 1962, Hickman
Paracaudina tetrapora 1914, H.L. Clark
Plesiocolochirus ignava Sea cucumber 1875, Ludwig
Rowedota epiphyka Sea cucumber 2007, O’Loughlin
Rowedota shepherdi Sea cucumber 1976, Rowe
Scoliorhapis theeli Sea cucumber 1928, Heding
Squamocnus aureoruber Sea cucumber 1993, O’Loughlin & O’Hara
Staurothyone inconspicua Sea cucumber 1887, Bell
Stichopus ludwigi Sea cucumber 1913, Erwe
Taeniogyrus heterosigmus Sea cucumber 1931, Heding
Taeniogyrus papillis Sea cucumber 2007, O’Loughlin
Taeniogyrus roebucki Sea cucumber 1914, Joshua
Thyone flindersi 2012, O’Loughlin
Thyone nigra Sea cucumber 1915, Joshua & Creed

Compiled by Dan Monceaux, 6 December 2017