Cobbler wobbegong - Chris Hall - 2007
Genus Species Common name Described
Orectolobus maculatus Spotted wobbegong 1788, Bonnaterre
Orectolobus ornatus Banded wobbegong 1883, De Vis
Orectolobus halei Gulf wobbegong 1940, Whitley
Sutorectus tentaculatus Cobbler wobbegong 1864, Peters

There are four species of wobbegong recorded in South Australian waters.

If you have photographs of these species from South Australia, please contact us.

One thought on “Wobbegongs – ORECTOLOBIDAE”
  1. My friend caught a huge Wobbegong Shark about 4 nautical miles north of Point Morrison on Kangaroo Island on Thursday 2nd of March 23.

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