Octopus – OCTOPODA

At least 12 species of octopus have been recorded in South Australian waters, according to the Atlas of Living Australia.

Genus Species Common name Described
Argonauta argo Greater argonaut 1758, Linnaeus
Grimpella thaumastocheir Velvet octopus 1928, Robson
Hapalochlaena lunulata Greater blue-ringed octopus 1832, Quoy & Gaimard
Hapalochlaena maculosa Lesser blue-ringed octopus 1883, Hoyle
Octopus australis Hammer octopus 1885, Hoyle
Octopus berrima Southern keeled octopus 1993, Stranks & Norman
Octopus bunurong Southern white-spot octopus 1990, Stranks
Octopus kaurna Southern sand octopus 1990, Stranks
Octopus maorum Maori octopus 1880, Hutton
Octopus pallidus Pale octopus 1885, Hoyle
Octopus superciliosis Frilled pygmy octopus 1832, Quoy & Gaimard
Opisthoteuthis persephone 1918, Berry

Last updated: 28 April 2015 – Dan Monceaux

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