Brittle & basket stars – OPHIUROIDEA

There are at least 37 species of brittle stars and basket stars in South Australian waters.

The list below was prepared after reviewing records held by the Atlas of Living Australia. Only species for which at least two records exist were included, and records lacking location details were also dropped from the list to avoid any potentially erroneous inclusions.

Pictures of any of the below species taken in SA waters are invited, along with any suggestions re: improving the accuracy or completeness of the list.

Amphiophiura urbana 1904, Koehler
Amphipholis squamata Brooding brittle star 1828, Delle Chiaje
Amphistigma minuta Brittle star 1938, H.L.Clark
Amphiura constricta Brittle star 1879, Lyman
Amphiura elandiformis 1966, A.M. Clark
Amphiura poecila 1915, H.L. Clark
Amphiura trisacantha 1928, H.L. Clark
Amphiura octacantha 1915, H.L. Clark
Amphiura parviscutata 1966, A.M. Clark
Astroboa ernae Basket star 1911, Döderlein
Clarkcoma canaliculata Brittle star 1869, Lütken
Clarkcoma pulchra Brittle star 1928, H.L. Clark
Conocladus australis Southern basketstar 1876, Verrill
Ophiacantha alternata Brittle star 1966, A.M. Clark
Ophiacantha shepherdi 1981, Baker & Devaney
Ophiactis resiliens Brittle star 1879, Lyman
Ophiactis tricolor Brittle star 1928, H.L. Clark
Ophiarachnella ramsayi Brittle star 1888, Bell
Ophiocentrus pilosus 1879, Lyman
Ophiocomina australis 1928, H.L. Clark
Ophiocrossota multispina Brittle star 1867, Ljungman
Ophiomusium anisacanthum 1928, H.L. Clark
Ophiomusium australe 1928, H.L. Clark
Ophiomusium lymani 1873, W.C. Thomson
Ophiomusium scalare 1878, Lyman
Ophiomyxa australis Brittlestar 1869, Lütken
Ophiomyxa crinita 2008, Franklin & O’Hara
Ophionereis novazelandiae 1936, Mortensen
Ophionereis schayeri Banded Brittle Star 1844, Müller & Troschel
Ophionereis semoni Brittle star 1896, Döderlein
Ophiopeza cylindrica Brittle star 1872, Hutton
Ophioplocus bispinosus Brittle star 1918, H.L. Clark
Ophiopsammus assimilis Brittle star 1888, Bell
Ophiothrix aristulata 1879, Lyman
Ophiothrix caespitosa Five-armed brittle star 1879, Lyman
Ophiothrix spongicola Brittle star 1855, Stimpson
Ophiozonella bispinosa 1897, Koehler

Compiled by Dan Monceaux, 6 December 2017.