Seals & sea-lions – PINNIPEDS

Long-nosed fur seal at Encounter-Bay by Emma Monceaux

Permanent colonies of Australian sea-lions, Long-nosed fur seals and Australian fur seals exist in South Australian waters. The remaining listed species are occasional visitors.

Arctocephalus forsteri Long nosed fur seal 1828, Lesson
Arctocephalus pusillus Australian fur seal 1775, Schreber
Arctocephalus tropicalis Subantarctic fur seal 1872, J.E. Gray
Hydrurga leptonyx Leopard seal 1820, Blainville
Leptonychotes weddelli Weddell seal 1826, Lesson
Lobodon carcinophagus Crabeater seal 1842, Hombron & Jacquinot
Mirounga leonina Southern elephant seal 1758, Linnaeus
Neophoca cinerea Australian sea-lion 1816, PĂ©ron

Compiled by Dan Monceaux, 6 December 2017.