Jellyfish & Box jellyfish – SCYPHOZOA & CUBOZOA

Atolla wyvillei 1880, Haeckel
Aurelia coerulea* Moon jellyfish 1885, von Lendenfeld
Carybdea rastonii Jimble, Box jellyfish 1886, Haacke
Cassiopea ndrosia 1899, Agassiz & Mayer
Chrysaora southcotti 2008, Gershwin & Zeidler
Copula sivickisi 1926, Stiasny
Cyanea annaskala Lion’s mane jellyfish 1882, von Lendenfeld
Cyanea rosella 2008, Gershwin in Gowlett-Holmes
Desmonema scoresbyanna 2008, Gershwin & Zeidler
Pseudorhiza haeckelii Haeckel’s jellyfish 1884, Haacke
  • Dr Lisa-Ann Gershwin advises that the moon jelly of the genus Aurelia that occurs in South Australian waters is either Aurelia coerulea (as listed here), or a species previously unknown to science. It has been incorrectly listed in prior publications as Aurelia aurita.

Draft compiled by Dan Monceaux, 6 December 2017. Updated and expanded with direction from Dr Lisa-Ann Gershwin, 11 December 2017.