In 2019, the Marine Life Society of South Australia was awarded a grant from the City of Port Adelaide Enfield to produce the first edition of the Port Adelaide Anchor Trail. The printed guide is in the process of finalisation now. The research work on this project was almost single-handedly carried out by our society’s president, Steve Reynolds, who has long-standing interests in the subjects of maritime heritage, shipwrecks and historic artifacts… in addition to the sport of diving and study of natural history. During the project, we determined that the land-based anchor trail would take the form of a single A3 format folding guide. We soon realised that all of the preparatory work spent studying anchors would need to be radically condensed in order to fit on the single sheet. As such, we have developed this list below to assist anyone interested in reading more deeply on the subject. The lists below may be extended from time to time. We will also offer a virtual tour of the trail through this website, following the initial distribution of the printed trail guide.

Further reading on anchors (oldest to newest)

Title Author(s) Publisher Edition Year
A Treatise on the Anchor Richard Pering Kessinger   1819
Explanatory Observations William Rodger The Nautical Magazine and Naval Chronicle for 1855   1852
A Treatise on Ships’ Anchors George Cotsell John Weale   1856
Danforth anchor patent Richard S. Danforth United States Patent Office   1951
Whale of a Shark Ben Cropp Seal   1969
Shipwrecks Along the Southern Coast G.A. Nayler Wedneil   1972
Ancient Anchors – technology and classification Gerhard Kapitan International Journal of Nautical Archaeology and Underwater Exploration 13.1 : 33-44 1984
The Anchor, Fishery Bay, Eyre Peninsular Peter Kentish, Terry Drew & Brenton Booth The Society for Underwater Historical Research   1985
The History and Development of English Anchors CA. 1550 to 1850 – A thesis by Harold Jobling Harold Jobling     1993
Historical period stone anchors from Vijaydurg on the west coast of India Sila Tripati, A.S. Gaur, Sundaresh and S.N. Bandodker Bulletin of the Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology 22: 1–8 1998
Anchors – An Illustrated History Betty Nelson Curryer Chatham   1999
Big Anchor Project   Nautical Archaeological Society   2010
History of Anchor Design Richard     2011
Big Anchor Project (Facebook group)   Nautical Archaeological Society   2014
History of Anchors   Vryhof   2017


Articles about anchors written by Steve Reynolds

Title Publisher Year Month/Day
Maritime Archaeology & the Big Anchor Project Marine Life Society of South Australia 2013 March
Port Noarlunga Anchor’s Anniversary Marine Life Society of South Australia 2017 July 6th
Some Anchor Stories Marine Life Society of South Australia 2018 March 31st
Historic anchor discovery at Edithburgh, South Australia Marine Life Society of South Australia 2018 March 5th
More About the Star of Greece Anchor at Semaphore Jetty Marine Life Society of South Australia 2018 May 7th
More About The ‘Edithburgh Anchor’ Marine Life Society of South Australia 2018 May 15th
Anchors The Gangway Bulletin 2018 October
More Anchors The Gangway Bulletin 2018 November
David Witton anchor anniversary Marine Life Society of South Australia 2019 September
Origins of the large anchor at Port Noarlunga reef Marine Life Society of South Australia 2020 March 5th

By Dan Monceaux

Dan Monceaux is a documentary filmmaker with a keen interest in marine biodoversity and conservation issues. He joined MLSSA in 2013 and served as Secretary from April-December 2014. Dan snorkels and has burning passions for underwater photography and citizen science.

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