Just in case you miss it, I have now updated my article Some Anchor Stories after locating this old photo of the Sea Captains’ Memorial at Semaphore: –

The Star of Greece anchor mounted on a large brick wall

(Taken by Steve Reynolds)

This photo shows the original site of the Captains’ Memorial between the Semaphore jetty and the Palais building. There was a chain fence around the memorial. The two plaques were set in the brick wall. The memorial was later re-located to its present position closer to the jetty.

The large Trotman anchor at Semaphore jetty
(said to be the swing anchor from the Star of Greece)
(Taken by Steve Reynolds)

Here are details from the records of Big Anchor Project regarding the measurement of the anchor by Steve Reynolds and David Cowan for the South Australian Archaeology Society on 30th June 2013: –

Stocked anchor record (ID=682)


Above: Overall view, facing east


Above: Close up of fluke


Above: Whole of one arm


Above: Close up of crown


Above: Close up of upper shank


  • Location category: land
  • Name of site:
  • Location: In front of the Semaphore Jetty, South Australia
  • Reference:
  • Latitude: -34.8381° and longitude: 138.48°
  • Comments: Two plaques located with anchor. One states anchor was placed in ‘memory these gallant sea captains’, while the other lists 15 captains.

Description of the anchor

  • Is the original stock still present: yes
  • The shank is squared where the stock is (or would have been) fastened
  • Is the ring still in place: no
  • Is the shackle still in place: yes
  • Number of arms: 2
  • Stock type: metal straight
  • Stock section: oval
  • Shank shape: Flattened
  • Stock shape: na
  • The stock is tapered
  • Other stock fasteners: Cotter pin
  • Does the stock have a key: none
  • The circumference of the shank is: Flattened
  • The fluke shape is:
  • The crown is: swivel
  • The arm shape is: mobile

Measured dimensions of the anchor

  • Length of shank : 3.33 m
  • Maximum width at top of shank : 15.5 cm
  • Maximum width at bottom of shank : 14 cm
  • Diameter of the eye of the stock: 11 cm
  • Length of the arms : 1.36 m
  • Amplitude of the arms : 3.09 m
  • Height of the bills : 1.17 m
  • Distance between bills : 1.36 m
  • Fluke width : 31 cm
  • Fluke length : 79 cm
  • Length of the stock : 2.535 m
  • Maximum circumference of the stock : 35 cm
  • Minimum circumference of the stock : 30 cm


(Source: http://www.biganchorproject.com/_cnk/members/anchor.php?anchor_id=682 )

I now need to update the details regarding the Star of Greece on the above record.

By Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds is the current President of MLSSA and is a long-standing member of the Society. Steve is a keen diver, underwater explorer, photographer and is chief author of the Society's extensive back catalogue of newsletters and journals.

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