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Below is a list of fish species sighted by Society member Ian Healy in the Upper Spencer Gulf region prior to 1992.

Boarfish, Long-snouted Pentacerotidae Pentaceropsis recurvirostris
Cardinal, Southern Apogonidae Vincentia conspersa
Coral Fish Chaetodontidae Chelmonops truncatus
Cowfish, Shaw’s Ostraciidae Aracana aurita
Cowfish, Ornate Ostraciidae Aracana ornata
Drummer, Silver Kyphosidae Kyphosus sydneyanus
Flathead Platycephalidae Platycephalus
Garfish Hemiramphidae Hyporamphus
Globe Fish Diodontidae Diodon nicthemerus
Goatfish, Blue-spotted Mullidae Upeneicthys vlamingii
Goby Gobiidae
Grubfish, Wavy Mugiloididae Parapercis haackei
Gurnard Perch Scorpaenidae Neosebastes pandus
Leatherjacket, Horseshoe Monacanthidae Meuschenia hippocrepis
Leatherjacket, Blue-lined Monacanthidae Meuschenia galii
Leatherjacket, Mosaic Monacanthidae Eubalichthys mosaicus
Leatherjacket, Pygmy Monacanthidae Brachaluteres jacksonianus
Leatherjacket, Gunn’s Monacanthidae Eubalichthys gunni
Moonlighter Scorpididae Tilodon sexfasciatum
Morwong, Dusky Cheilodactylidae Dactylophora nigricans
Morwong, Magpie (Perch) Cheilodactylidae Goniistius vizonarius
Western Talma Chaetodontidae Chelmonops Sp.
Mullet, Red Mullidae Upeneichthys lineatus
Mulloway Sciaenadae Argyrosomus hololepidotus
Old Wife Enoplosidae Enoplosus armatus
Salmon, WA Arripidae Arripis truttaceus
Silverbelly Gerreidae Parequula melbournensis
Snapper Sparidae Chrysophrys auratus
Sweep, Banded Scorpididae Scorpis geogianis
Sweep, Sea Scorpididae Scorpis aequipinnis
Tommy Rough Arripidae Arripis georgianus
Trevally Carangidae
Trumpeter Teraponidae or Latridae
Whiting, Yellowfin Sillaginidae Sillago schomburgkii
Whiting, King George Sillaginidae Sillaginodes punctatus
Yellowtail Kingfish Carangidae Seriola grandis


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