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Below is a list of fish species sighted by Society member David Muirhead on the Dredge and Barge wrecks off of Glenelg between 1988 and 1996.

Boarfish, Brown-spotted Pentacerotidae Paristiopterus gallipavo
Boarfish, Long-snouted Pentacerotidae Pentaceropsis recurvirostris
Bullseye, Common Pempheridae Liopempheris multiradiata
Catfish, Estuary Plotosidae Cnidoglanis macrocephalus
Coral Fish Chaetodontidae Chelmonops truncatus
Cowfish, Shaw’s Ostraciidae Aracana aurita
Drummer, Silver Kyphosidae Kyphosus sydneyanus
Flathead, Dusky Platycephalidae Platycephalus fuscus
Flathead, Tassel-snouted Platycephalidae Thysanophrys cirronasus
Garfish, SA Hemiramphidae Hyporamphus melanochir
Globe Fish Diodontidae Diodon nicthemerus
Grubfish, Wavy Mugiloididae Parapercis haackei
Gurnard Perch, Gulf Scorpaenidae Neosebastes bougainvilli
Leatherjacket, Blue-tailed Monacanthidae Eubalichthys cyanoura
Leatherjacket, Horseshoe Monacanthidae Meuschenia hippocrepis
Leatherjacket, Mosaic Monacanthidae Eubalichthys mosaicus
Leatherjacket, Pygmy Monacanthidae Brachaluteres jacksonianus
Leatherjacket, Rough Monacanthidae Scobinichthys granulatus
Leatherjacket, Six-spined Monacanthidae Meuschenia freycineti
Leatherjacket, Spiny-tailed Monacanthidae Bigener brownii
Leatherjacket, Velvet Monacanthidae Parika scaber
Leatherjacket, Yellow-striped Monacanthidae Meuschenia flavolineata
Ling, Rock Ophidiidae Genypterus tigerinus
Moonlighter Microcanthidae Tilodon sexfasciatum
Morwong, Dusky Cheilodactylidae Dactylophora nigricans
Morwong, Magpie (Perch) Cheilodactylidae Goniistius vizonarius
Mullet, Red Mullidae Upeneichthys porosus
Old Wife Enoplosidae Enoplosus armatus
Pike, Long-finned Dinolestidae Dinolestes lewini
Roughy Trachichthyidae Trachichthys australis
Salmon, WA Arripidae Arripis truttaceus
Seaperch, Black-banded Serranidae Hypoplectodes nigrorubrum
Silverbelly Gerreidae Parequula melbournensis
Tommy Rough Arripidae Arripis georgianus
Trachinops, Yellow-headed Plesiopidae Trachinops noarlungae
Trevally, Silver Carangidae Pseudocaranx dentex
Wrasse, Black-spotted Labridae Austrolabrus maculatus
Wrasse, Blue-throated Labridae Notolabrus tetricus
Wrasse, Brown-spotted Labridae Pseudolabrus parilus
Wrasse, Castelnau’s Labridae Dotalabrus aurantiacus
Wrasse, Senator Labridae Pictilabrus laticlavius


By David Muirhead

David is a long-serving member of the Marine Life Society of South Australia. He has dived and snorkeled in South Australian waters for around five decades and has a particular interest in bony fishes. David has made the greatest single contribution to the society's Photo Index of local marine species.

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