SA Fisheries Papers & Magazines

“Southern Fisheries”, the quarterly magazine from Fisheries & SARDI – mlssa No.4000


“South Australia’s Aquatic Reserves” pamphlet – mlssa No.4001


“South Australia’s Man-made Reef” pamphlet – mlssa No.4002


“Notes for Spearfishermen” pamphlet – mlssa No.4003


“The South Australian Fishing Industry” pamphlet – mlssa No.4004


“The Rock Lobster Industry of South Australia” pamplet – mlssa No.4005


“The South Australian Prawn Fishery” pamphlet – mlssa No.4006


“The South Australian tuna fishery” pamphlet – mlssa No.4007


“Trout in South Australia” pamphlet – mlssa No.4008


“Stocking Farm Dams With Fish” pamphlet – mlssa No.4009


“Tagging studies on scale fish in South Australian waters” sheet – mlssa No.4010


“European Carp” paper – mlssa No.4011


“Blue Crabs” paper – mlssa No.4012


“Port Noarlunga Aquatic Reserve” paper – mlssa No.4013


“River Murray Fish” pamphlet – mlssa No.4014


Netting restrictions, boundaries & regulations papers:-

Pt Adelaide River & St Kilda ICI Works, Marino to Outer Harbor – mlssa No.4015A

St Vincent Gulf – Port Vincent & northwards – mlssa No.4015B

Editburgh – mlssa No.4015C

Kangaroo Island – mlssa No.4015D

Port Lincoln-Proper Bay – mlssa No.4015E

Coffin Bay – mlssa No.4015F

West Coast Venus Bay & Baird Bay – mlssa NO.4015G

Streaky Bay – mlssa No.4015H

Denial & Smoky Bay – mlssa No.4015I

South East Area from KIngston along coast to Victorian border – mlssa No.4015J

The Murray, Mouth & Coorong – mlssa No.4015K


SAFIC (Magazine of Fisheries & SA Fishing Industry Council) from late 70’s to early 80’s – mlssa No.4017


‘Collecting file’ – contains three pamphlets from Fisheries re. collection of rock lobster, fisheries regulations for divers & the Rocky Intertidal Protection Zone – mlssa No.4018


‘PISA Fisheries’ – contains numerous Fisheries pamphlets on many subjects – mlssa No.4019


NSW Fisheries Journal of sustainable fishing – mlssa No.4020


Fisheries Research & Development Corporation R&D News – mlssa No.4021


“Commonwealth Policy on Fisheries Bycatch”, June 2000 – mlssa No.4022


“Marine Scalefish News” – mlssa No. 4023 (formerly No. 7024)


“Fishing Future”, newsletter of Australian Fisheries Management Authority – mlssa No. 4024


“Gently Does It! A guide for releasing fish to survive” – mlssa No. 4025


“Fish Passage Requirements For Waterway Crossings” – mlssa No. 4026


“Five Year Research & Development Strategy 2003 – 2008” (SARFAC) – mlssa No. 4027


“Aquaculture Environment Management Policy” draft 11/4/03 – mlssa No. 4028


“Aquaculture Environment Management Policy” report 11/4/03 – mlssa No. 4029


“Aquaculture Resource Management & Ecologically Sustainable Development Policy draft 11/4/03 – mlssa No. 4030


“Barker Inlet Port Estuary Committee 2003 Business Plan” – mlssa No. 4031


“Proposed increase in the minimum legal size of Greenlip Abalone in the Central Zone” file – mlssa No. 4032


“A Survey of Recreational & Indigenous Fishing in Australia from 2001-2002” – mlssa No.4033


“Marine Scalefish Fishery Management Committee Annual Report 2002-2003” – mlssa No.4034


“Marine Scalefish Fishery restructure June 2000” – mlssa 4035


“Marine Scalefish Fishery Management Committee Annual report 2003-2004” – mlssa No. 4036


“Southern Zone Rock Lobster Fishery” (2004) – mlssa No. 4037


“Lakes & Coorong Yelloweye Mullet Fishery” (2004) – mlssa No 4038


“Golden Perch Fishery Assessment Report” (2004) – mlssa No. 4039


“SA Seafood Industry Food Plan 2010/5” – mlssa No. 4040


“Competition to Collaboration: Exploring Co-management Models for the Spencer Gulf Fishery” – mlssa No. 4041


“PIRSA Fisheries, Fisheries Management Act 2007 – Allocation of Fisheries resources Between Fishing Sectors, Discussion paper” – mlssa No. 4042


Mlssa No.4043 – Management Plans for SA Fisheries, the SA Fisheries Management Series: –

Paper No. Date           Title

33        May 1998        A Discussion Paper on the Regulation of Recreational Fishing in South Aust.

42        June 2004        Management Plan for the South Australian Abalone Fishery

44        July 2005         Management Plan for the South Australian Lakes & Coorong Fishery

45        Jan 2006          Management Plan for the South Australian Marine Scalefish Fishery (X 2)

46        July 2005         2001-01 National Recreational & Indigenous Fishing Survey – SA Reg. Info.

47        Nov 2005        Management Plan for the South Australian Pilchard Fishery

50        June 2007        Management Plan for the (SA) Beach-Cast Seagrass & Marine Algae Fishery


Mlssa No.4044 – SARDI Research Report Series – Fishery Assessment Reports to PIRSA Fisheries

Paper No. Date           Title

91        Aug 2005        King George Whiting Fishery

100      Oct 2005         Southern Calamary Fishery

102      Nov 2005        Monitoring & assessment of by-catch and by-product species of the Spencer

Gulf Prawn Fishery

104      Nov 2005        The SA Marine Scalefish Fishery – Stock Status Report

105      Jan 2008          Review of the Fishery Status for Whaler Sharks in SA & adjacent waters


“Fisheries Council of South Australia – Annual Report 2007-2008” – mlssa No.4045


“Fisheries Council of South Australia – Annual Strategic Plan 2008/09 – Draft 2” – mlssa No.4046


“Fisheries Council of South Australia – Standard Operating Procedures (Aug 2007)” – mlssa No.4047


“Is my Fish Worth More Than Yours?” (FRDC)


“Marine Scalefish, Fishery Management Committee, Annual Report 2004-2005” – mlssa No.4049


“Assessment of the South Australian Marine Scalefish Fishery” (Nov 2005) – mlssa No.4050


“Economic Indicators for the South Australian Marine Scalefish Fishery 2004/05” (May 2006) – mlssa No.4051


“Snapper Fishery – Fishery Assessment Report to PIRSA Fisheries” (March 2005) – mlssa No.4052


“Snapper Fishery – Fishery Assessment Report to PIRSA Fisheries” (July 2007) – mlssa No.4053


“The South Australian Recreational Charter Boat Fishery” – SARDI Research report Series 239 – mlssa No.4054


Mlssa No.4055 – PIRSA Fisheries Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) Risk Assessment draft reports (June 2009)

#1 – “Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) Risk Assessment of the SA Recreational Charter Boat Fishery”

#2 – “Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) Risk Assessment of the SA Commercial Blue Crab Fishery”

#3 – “Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) Risk Assessment of the SA Abalone Fishery”


“Ecological Assessment of the SA Australian Abalone Fishery” – mlssa No.4056


“Victorian Abalone Fishery Management Plan” (March 2002) – mlssa No.4057


“Abalone” (July 1999) – Fishery Assessment Report to PIRSA Fisheries – mlssa No.4058


“Western Zone Abalone Fishery (Region A)  Fishery Status Report to PIRSA (June 2008) – mlssa No.4059


“American River Aquatic Reserve Management Plan” – mlssa No.4060


“Co-management: Managing Australia’s fisheries through partnership and delegation” (FRDC) – mlssa No.4061


“Mature Worker Transition in the Commercial Fishing (Wildcatch) Industry: “Did I tell you the one about the fisherman? – Final report” – mlssa No.4062


“Fisheries Act, 1982 – National Competition Policy Review – Issues Paper – June 2001” – mlssa No.4063


“Economic Indicators for the Gulf St Vincent Prawn Fishery 1998/99” – mlssa No.4064


“SA Prawn Fisheries Management Committee – Annual Report 1999/2000” (April 2001) – mlssa No.4065


“State Natural Resources Management Plan 2006” – mlssa No.4066


Fishers For Conservation’s “Community Based Sustainable Fishing Education Project” information package – mlssa No.4067


“A report Prepared for Environment Australia on the Management of the SA Giant Crab Fishery” – mlssa No.4068


“People Development Program 2008-2013” (FRDC) – mlssa No.4070


“Social Fabric of Australian Fishing – A case study in South Australia” – mlssa No.4071


“South Australian Aquatic Reserves Management Plan Template” (PIRSA) – mlssa No.4072


“Management Options for Murray Cod in SA” – mlssa No.4073


“2007/08 SA Recreational Fishing Survey”- mlssa No.4074


“Management Strategy  Evaluation fo SA Snapper” – mlssa No.4075


“Recreational Fishing in Australia – 2011 & beyond: A national industry development strategy” – mlssa No.4076

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