MLSSA Files & Documents

MARIA Minutes – mlssa No.5001


MLSSA Minutes – mlssa No.5002


Misc. Correspondence Out – mlssa No.5003


Misc. Correspondence In (Prior to 1997) – mlssa No.5004


Misc. Correspondence In (1997/8) – mlssa No.5005


Misc. Correspondence In (1998/9) – mlssa No.5006


MARIA Branch Procedures – mlssa No.5007


MLSSA Ethics – mlssa No.5008


MLSSA Constitution – mlssa No.5009


AGM 1997 – mlssa No.5010


AGM 1998 – mlssa No.5011


Fish lists & Data Base details – mlssa No.5012


Royal Adelaide Show details – mlssa No.5013


Newsletter Indexes – mlssa No.5014


Grant application to CCSA 1990 – mlssa No.5015


MLSSA information – mlssa No.5016


Dive log book – mlssa No.5017


MLSSA logo – mlssa No.5018


Journals (Boxed set) – mlssa No.5019


Journals (Folder) – mlssa No.5020


Spare Journals (loose) – mlssa No.5021


Spare MARIA Newsletters – mlssa No.5022


Photo Index working set of slides – mlssa No.5023


Invertebrate Photo Album – mlssa No.5024


Fish Photo Album – mlssa No.5025


MLSSA Activity Album – mlssa No.5026


Starfish Identification Guide – mlssa No.5027


Photo Index file & register – mlssa No.5028


Seadragon Database Report – mlssa No.5029


Seadragon Monitoring Program details – mlssa No.5030


Album of seadragon drawings – mlssa No.5031


Diving Officer Code of Practice – mlssa No.5032


Items in MLSSA library – mlssa No.5033


Newsletter masters 1999 to present – mlssa No.5034


Seahorse reference list – mlssa No.5035


Seadragon reference list – mlssa No.5036


Wildlife Australia Autumn 1999 – mlssa No.5037


MLSSA AGM 1999 – mlssa No.5038


MLSSA Correspondence In 1999-2000 – mlssa No.5039


MARIA Journal masters – mlssa No.5040


MLSSA Journal masters – mlssa No.5041


MARIA Journal originals Vol.1, No.5 – mlssa No.5042


MARIA Journal originals Vol.2, No.1 – mlssa No.5043


MLSSA Journal originals No.1 – mlssa No.5044


MLSSA Journal originals No.3 1992 – mlssa No.5045


MLSSA Journal originals No.4 1993 – mlssa No.5046


MLSSA Journal originals No.5 1994 – mlssa No.5047


MLSSA Journal originals No.7 1996 – mlssa No.5048


MLSSA Publicity – mlssa No. 5049


MLSSA Jewels of the Sea file – mlssa No. 5050


MLSSA Beach Wash Guide file – mlssa No. 5051


“Jewels of the Sea”, A Marine Education Resource Guide for children in Primary & Middle Years Bands SACSA Framework – mlssa No. 5052


“An Octopus’s Garden”, An early childhood marine education resource guide for teaching young children 3-8 years old – mlssa No. 5053


MLSSA SA Marine Life Calendars – mlssa 5054


Certificate from Kate Ellis MP – mlssa No. 5055

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