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Thanks for deciding to become a financial member of the Marine Life Society of South Australia. To complete your Membership Application, we just need a few more details.

(Student membership fees are currently set at $10pa (as at 1/12/23)

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  1. Fill out the online membership form below
  2. Click the ‘SEND’ button
  1. Download and complete our .PDF membership application form
  2. Post or email your completed membership form to the Society



    Name (required)

    ORGANISATION / BUSINESS (if relevant)

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    FEES (required)

    (Fees become due on 1st April each year. New members who join the Society after 30th September only pay half fees. Concessional rates may be available, on application to the Treasurer, by eligible persons.)

    A Corporate or Business membership application will be considered by the Committee and may need to be subject to confirmation at a General Meeting.

    I agree to abide by the Constitution and any other Rules made by the Society. These may be downloaded from our Internet site or obtained from the Secretary

    I/we wish to join MLSSA because:

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