Catalog # Title / Description Publisher Year
PAM001 SA Police Volunteer Organisation Authorisation Number for Police Checks
PAM002 Estuaries in South Australia
PAM003 Code of Conduct for Recreational Anglers in South Australia
PAM004 Adelaide’s Historical Walking Trail
PAM005 Leafy Seadragon Festival 2005
PAM006 Port Noarlunga Reef Underwater Trail
PAM007 Great Australian Bight Marine Park – Information for park users
PAM008 Marine Planning – A guide for all users
PAM009 Marine Protected Areas
PAM010 Take the plunge. . .You can help protect our marine national parks
PAM011 MLSSA publicity #1 (mlssa No. 5049)
PAM012 MLSSA publicity #2 (mlssa No. 5049)
PAM013 Fishing Regulations (for Divers) 2002
PAM014 Dive Secrets of Fleurieu Peninsula & Kangaroo Island
PAM015 Dive South Australia
PAM016 SA’s Dive Secrets
PAM017 Underwater Sports Dive Centre publicity leaflet
PAM018 Ships’ Graveyard of SA
PAM019 Murray Watch
PAM020 Cuttlefish closure Spencer Gulf 2003
PAM021 Safety tips for anglers

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