Marine Protected Areas

Catalog # Title / Description Publisher Year Month
MLSSA 9001 “MPA Program & Marine Planning Program”
MLSSA 9002 “ANZECC Strategic Plan of Action for NRSMPAs”
MLSSA 9003 “Media release of the State Govt.’s vision for MPAs 6/12/01” 2001 December
MLSSA 9004 “Marine Planning – a guide for all users”
MLSSA 9005 “Take The Plunge – Help protect our marine parks”
MLSSA 9006 “MPAs – Zoned for many uses”
MLSSA 9007 “MPAs – A shared vision” Draft for public consultation
MLSSA 9008 “Australia’s MPAs” National Heritage Trust
MLSSA 9009 “Basis for Zoning for the Encounter Marine Park Draft Zoning Plan 2005” 2005
MLSSA 9010 “Encounter Marine Park Draft Zoning Plan 2005 – Draft for Public Review” 2005 March
MLSSA 9011 “Draft Zoning Plan” brochure (“Encounter Marine Park Draft Zoning Plan – For Public Review”)
MLSSA 9012 “Blueprint for the South Australian Representative System of Marine Protected Areas”
MLSSA 9013 “Marine Protected Areas” pamphlet 2001 December
MLSSA 9014 “Living Coast Strategy for South Australia – Executive Summary” 2004

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