Here is a photo of a school of Zebra Fish, Girella zebra at ‘Kaurna Pool’ (at Lady Bay, Normanville) during a snorkel that I did there on 11th December 2022: –

Note that a lower left, leading fish has different belly bars (like a V), and one at far right also has aberrant mid-body bar pattern.

I suspect that I’m seeing these aberrant bars more often lately.

Here are cropped images showing the two Zebra Fish close-up: –

Although I don’t know the explanation for the colour pattern of these two Zebra Fish in this photo, I assume that they’re normal, minor genetic variations/expressions, possibly with accelerated natural selection to due rapid climate change.

These Zebra Fish have a normal body bar pattern: –

By David Muirhead

David is a long-serving member of the Marine Life Society of South Australia. He has dived and snorkeled in South Australian waters for around five decades and has a particular interest in bony fishes. David has made the greatest single contribution to the society's Photo Index of local marine species.

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