I helped Reef Watch & Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries out at this year’s Science Alive! at the Showgrounds. On the Friday morning, I helped out on the EMS stand, alongside Dr Rob Lewis, former Director of Fisheries.

I hadn’t had the opportunity to speak to Rob much in recent years, possibly just briefly and occasionally. At least he remembered me alright.

Whilst manning the stand, I had the chance to tell Rob that I still had some of his ‘rock lobster’ papers from decades ago. He said that he would like to see them sometime.

Back at home, I went through some of my/our files and was able to send this photo off to him: –

I sent it via a friend, so I hope that he received it OK. I never heard the result.

I later went through our library records to see just what else I could find on the topic. I came up with a few other relevant papers. Some of them may have come via the SDFSA. I decided that perhaps they could all be combined together in to just the one file.

This is the result of the combination of the papers: –

SA Rock Lobster Resource

SA Rock Lobster – “Today’s Ocean Conscious Industry” – mlssa No.2135

(This file incl. “Today’s Ocean Conscious Industry” “Lobster Industry Overview”, “Conserving Lobster Stocks”, “Lobster Industry Economics”, “Lobster Industry Employment”, “Ann Oliver’s Exotic Lobster Dishes for only $7”, “(SA) Rock Lobster Industry News,”, March & June 1999, “South Australian Rock Lobster Northern Zone Rock Lobster Fishery Management Committee Annual Report 1997-98”, March 1999, “South Australian Rock Lobster Southern Zone Rock Lobster Fishery Management Committee Annual Report 1997-98”, March 1999.)

“The Rock Lobster Industry of South Australia” pamplet – mlssa No.4005

A pamphlet from Fisheries re. collection of rock lobster – Part of mlssa No.4018*
* – Sept 1997 pamphlet (A Dec 1995 pamphlet and an undated A-4 sheet have both now been added to the file)

“Southern Zone Rock Lobster Fishery” (2004) – mlssa No. 4037

“A discussion paper on the management options for the South Australian Recreational Rock Lobster Fishery” by Beverley Tyrer on behalf of the Recreational Rock Lobster Fishery Working Group, South Australian Fisheries Management Series, Paper No.2, Primary Industries, South Australian Fisheries, ISSN 1322-8072, ISBN 0 7308 0053 9, September 1994.

New size limit for northern zone rock lobster November 2000.

Letters from Primary Industries, South Australia Fisheries, incl. “Notice to all recreational rock lobster fishers” Nov 9, 1995.

The file comprising all of these documents is designated mlssa No.2135.

By Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds is the current President of MLSSA and is a long-standing member of the Society. Steve is a keen diver, underwater explorer, photographer and is chief author of the Society's extensive back catalogue of newsletters and journals.

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