Sylvia Earle underwater NOAA 1970Sylvia Earle underwater NOAA 1970

Adelaide will soon be graced by the presence of American veteran ocean explorer and oceanographer, Sylvia A. Earle. She will be making two public appearances while in Adelaide where she will speaking about her work and passion for the ocean. Her first appearance will be at WOMADelaide on March 9 (as part of the Planet Talks series) and secondly at a free event co-presented by University of South Australia’s Hawke Centre on March 11.

The Hawke Centre talk places Sylvia Earle on centre stage, alongside ‘environmental messenger’ Simran Sethi. Earle is explorer-in-residence at the National Geographic Society and has led over 100 expeditions. She will speak with urgency as she continues her life-long task of awakening the general public to the value of the oceans and the precarious position they are in. The event starts at 6.30pm with attendees encouraged to arrive at 6pm for a prompt start.

Simran Sethi is a journalist and educator, similarly committed to environmentalism, sustainability and social change. The two guests will be presented ‘in conversation’ by Dr Paul Willis, Director of RiAus.

If you wish to attend the Hawke Centre event, booking a place is essential. You can make your booking here. To hear Sylvia speak at WOMADelaide, visit the WOMADelaide website for event scheduling details and ticket purchases.

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