cuttle scuttle prototype screenshot 2014cuttle scuttle prototype screenshot 2014

MLSSA corporate member Danimations began development of a retro arcade game called Cuttle Scuttle late last year, with the assistance of students from the University of South Australia. Since then, the game has progressed in leaps and bounds, with development now in the capable hands of Adam Jenkins. The last prototype was play-tested by several MLSSA members during the Whyalla Underwater Shootout back in June of 2014.

New features and a higher level of finish are taking shape, as the small development team (Dan Monceaux is responsible for the graphics) prepares for coming demonstration days AVcon. The new features seen at AVcon for th first time will include a Southern Right Whale narrator, visiting jellyfish, divers and tasty crustaceans. The graphics, gameplay, educational value and sheer joy of play continue to increase. You can follow the game’s development at the Cuttle Scuttle hompage on Cuttlefish Country.

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