Giant Australian CuttlefishGiant Australian Cuttlefish

Giant Australian Cuttlefish occur right across southern Australia, but one of the most interesting aspects of their biology is that they aggregate to breed near Point Lowly in northern Spencer Gulf in South Australia. This is the only known breeding aggregation of
Giant Cuttlefish in the world, but in recent years the numbers on this breeding aggregation have declined and we aren’t sure why. Recreational SCUBA divers, and commercial fishers, boaters and scientists are being invited to spot, log and map sightings of Giant Australian Cuttlefish (adults and eggs) in South Australian waters, especially in northern Spencer Gulf, through Redmap.

Cuttlefish numbers off Point Lowly have been declining, especially over recent years. Could this be because they are choosing to aggregate and lay eggs somewhere else?

Help Redmap determine whether this iconic species is breeding elsewhere in northern Spencer Gulf or South Australia. Just log on to and tell Redmap where in South Australia you have seen Giant Australian Cuttlefish (Sepia apama) in aggregations
(more than 10 Cuttlefish) or if you have spotted cuttlefish eggs. If you have a photo that’s even better – Redmap has a team of scientists to verify the identity of the submitted photo.

Remember, there is currently a ban on the take of cuttlefish in the waters of northern Spencer Gulf. To register your sighting, visit or contact the SA Redmap Team: .

A Redmap brochure requesting the community to document possible aggregations of cuttlefish (outside Point Lowly) can be found here.

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