Brighton Jetty South Australia - David MuirheadBrighton Jetty South Australia - David Muirhead

We held our Clean Up Australia Day dive at the new Brighton jetty in March this year. There were strong south-westerlies and the seas were rough. We only had four divers but several other members were keen to assist with the clean up. The four divers entered from the shore and swam to the outer end of the new jetty with their hessian bags to fill. Not all of the bags were brought back, however. My first (full) bag was hauled up onto the jetty and I then had to swim after a second bag which blew away when tossed down to me. When the rubbish around the jetty diminished I had my second bag hauled up by Carol who needed some assistance from a passerby. I then exited via the ladder with some extra bits of “rubbish” – a few sinkers, a teaspoon and some small change (22cents). Under the jetty I observed a large Ornate Cowfish male, a Tubemouth, Butterfly Gurnard, Sand Flathead, Red Mullet, Stinkfish and some crabs.

Peter Hoskin rushed off down the road to see the Environment Minister, David Wotton, unveil a “sump” nearby. The “sump” was in Edward Street, Brighton. It is the State’s first Pollutec unit which removes upto 95% of pollutants from stormwater. It uses the stormwater flow to separate solid particles which are dumped into a sump before the water reaches the ocean. The sump is to be cleaned out regularly and the waste is to be used as landfill. Many thanks to everyone who helped out with the cleanup.

By Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds is the current President of MLSSA and is a long-standing member of the Society. Steve is a keen diver, underwater explorer, photographer and is chief author of the Society's extensive back catalogue of newsletters and journals.

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