February 2022 was the 11th anniversary of Peter Clarkson apparently being taken by sharks whilst abalone diving in the waters off lower Eyre Peninsula in February 2011. Peter had co-authored a paper titled “Diet and feeding behaviour of the Blue-throated Wrasse” with our then Patron, Dr Scoresby Shepherd, which was reproduced in our 2003 Journal .

Peter Clarkson also co-authored our library book titled “Australia’s Spectacular Cowries: A Review and Field Study of Two Endemic Genera–Zoila and Umbilia” with Barry Wilson (mlssa 1069).

Peter also featured in some of the “Abalone Wars” episodes that were shown on TV for 5 seasons from 2012 to 2016. We may have the complete set on DVD in our library – mlssa 8077.

Peter loved diving and taking underwater photographs.

Header photo – Peter Clarkson with his underwater camera equipment

(Source: Port Lincoln Times – www.portlincolntimes.com.au )

RIP Peter.

One thought on “Peter Clarkson Anniversary”

  1. Thanks Steve.
    I’m embarrassed to admit that I had no idea how much involvement the late great Peter had with MLSSA e.g. that journal article.
    I was aware that he had a long and close relationship with Scoresby, and Scoresby emphasized their friendship, and his great sadness during a conversation with me soon after Peter died.

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