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Thank you for being a financial member of the Marine Life Society of South Australia Inc. Whether you’re a new member or a returning faithful, we look forward to your participation in our Society’s events, publications and advocacy work.

New member?

If you are  a new member of the Marine Life Society of South Australia Inc., a membership card will be issued to you. If you are yet to fill out a membership application form, please request one via and return your form to us via email or snail mail.

Renewing member?

If you are  a renewing member of the Marine Life Society of South Australia Inc., a renewal sticker will be provided for you to update your membership card.

As a member, you will also receive monthly emails and ample opportunities to engage in MLSSA conversations at meetings and in online forums. We encourage new members to introduce themselves, attend our events and contribute to our advocacy work.


If you wish to cancel your membership or receipt of the monthly mail-outs, please send an email to with ‘cancel’ in the subject line. We will attend to your request as quickly as possible.

2 thought on “Membership Success”
  1. We would love Kangaroo Island Dolphin Watch to be a partner organisation please and no doubt our fabulous skippers on Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures and The Big Duck, Victor Harbor, would be interested in offering specials etc to members. You might like to consider a special MLSSA marine tour tailored to your needs and interests with DW in either area…when the weather is more accommodating! With hearty congratulations on your wonderful work and advocacy, grateful thanks and very best wishes to all.

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