Scuba Divers Federation of South Australia

The MLSSA Library contains a collection of documents of the Scuba Divers’ Federation of South Australia.


Catalog # Title / Description Author Publisher Year
MLSSA1026 “A Listing and Analysis of Fatal Diving Accidents in South Australia” by Peter Horne, January 1980 Horne, Peter 1980
SDF002 “A Guide To The Introduced Marine Species In Australian Waters” (technical Report No.5) The guide is in a 4-ring binder. It contains details on all of the eight species covered by the NSW marine pest ID cards plus much more Furlani, Dianne M. Centre for Research on Introduced Marine Pests (CRIMP) 1996
SDF003 A set of 8 laminated marine pest identification cards for divers around NSW. These cards help divers identify pests and give contact details for reporting pest sightings. If a pest population is discovered early on, there is a greater chance it can be brought under control. The cards have been placed into a 4-ring binder NSW Department of Primary Industries
SDF005 “SA Waters – An Atlas & Guide” BIASA
SDF006 “Common Hand Signals for Recreational Scuba Diving” Recreational Scuba Training Council
SDF007 Dive Safety Procedures
SDF008 “The Impacts of Spearfishing: notes on the effects of recreational diving on shallow marine reefs in Australia” Nevill, John
SDF009 “Nettle Cave”
SDF010 “Provisional Report on Diving-Related Fatalities in Australian Waters 2001” Walker, Doug
SDF011 “SA Diving-Related Deaths 2001-2002 – A Coroner’s Inquiry” Acott, Chris
SDF012 “Diving-Related Deaths in New Zealand 2000-2006” McClelland, Andrew
SDF013 “Provisional report on diving-related fatalities in Australian waters 2002”
SDF014 “The consequences of misinterpreting dive computers: 3 case studies”
SDF015 “The function of karst aquifer to clean polluted water in south suburb of Beijing”
SDF016 “New tracing experience in the Sebes Mountains – Romania”
SDF017 “The Nullarbor carbonate aquifer, Australia: the impact of man and suggestions for future management”
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