Reports & Files

A brief ecological survey of Port Noarlunga reef by Hank Duyverman – mlssa No.2002


Keys to southern Australian Phaeophyta (brown algae) by HBS Womersley – mlssa No.2018


“2020 Vision – Ideas for Metropolitan Adelaide” (1991) – mlssa No.2020


“Inquiry into Protection of the Coastal Environment” Discussion Paper November 1990 – mlssa No.2021


“Assessment of the Environmental Effects of the Dow Redcliff Project” (1980) – mlssa No.2023


Five publications from the Queensland Fisheries Service (featuring crabs, freshwater crayfish and Coral Trout) :-

“The Queensland Mud Crab Industry” (1982) edited by BJ Hill – mlssa No.2024

“Annotated Bibliography of the Australian Freshwater Crayfish (Family Parastacidae)” (1982) by CE Matilda – mlssa No.2025

“A Monograph of the Coral Trout, Plectropomus leopardus (Lacepede)” (1978) by Gerald B. Goeden – mlssa No.2026

“Methods for determining size & sex of marketed Mud Crabs & Sand Crabs in Queensland” (1980) by MJ Williams & CP Lee – mlssa No.2027

“Annotated Bibliography of the Portunid Crab, Scylla serrata (Forskal)” (1980) by CE Matilda & BJ Hill – mlssa No.2028


“The International Trade In Seahorses” by Amanda Vincent. A Species in Danger report by TRAFFIC International – Trade Records Analysis of Flora & Fauna In Commerce.” – mlssa No.2029A


A summary of the above TRAFFIC report by Amanda Vincent. Amanda is from the University of Oxford’s Zoology Department. TRAFFIC is a joint program of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and IUCN (the World Conservation Union) – mlssa No.2029B


“Marine Fish and the IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals” edited by E. Hudson & G. Mace – a report of a workshop held in collaboration with WWF and IUCN in 1996. The Red List includes 148 species of marine fish, 80% (118) of which have been classified as threatened. 70% (83) of these 118 have been classified as declining in population. The list includes some SA species as follows:- Big-bellied Seahorse, Short-headed Seahorse, Sculptured Seamoth, Robust Pipehorse, Spiny Pipehorse, Leafy Seadragon and Weedy Seadragon. The seadragons and Short-headed seahorse are classified as being “Data Deficient” – mlssa No.2030A


“Threatened fish? Applying the IUCN criteria to marine fish for the first time: some initial guidelines” (Draft 26th July 1996) – mlssa No.2030B


“Networks of “No-Take” Marine Reserves are practical and necessary” by Bill Ballantine (This is a chapter taken from “Marine Protected Areas and Sustainable Fisheries” edited by NL Shackell & JHM Willison) – mlssa No.2031


“Directory of South Australian Marine & Coastal Conservation & Resource Contacts” (July 1996 edition) compiled by Tony Flaherty & Graham Hooper of the Marine & Coastal Community Network. There is an article about Dragon Search on page 2 and our Society is listed on page 13 – mlssa No.2032


“The State Of The Marine Environment Report” (SOMER) by Tony Flaherty (at “The Unique South” workshop) – mlssa No.2033


“Proceedings: Great Australian Bight Marine Park Workshop” (1994) – mlssa No.2035


“Focus on Aldinga Scrub – Past, Present, Future”, proceedings of a public seminar 1986 – mlssa No.2036


“Ecologically and Economically Sustainable Energy for South Australia” – mlssa No.2037


“SSS’95 Conference Booklet” (Universities of the Tandanya bio-region) – mlssa No.2038


“Recreational Fishing in Australia – A National Policy” (1994) published by the National Recreational Fisheries Working Group (C/- Dept. Primary Industries & Energy, Canberra) – mlssa No.2039


Environmental Protection Council Annual report 1992/3 – mlssa No.2040


“Guidelines for Licensing Discharges to the Marine Environment” (1993) – mlssa No.2041


“Fisheries Treaty” negotiated by Non-Governmental Organizations – mlssa No.2042


Dragon Search (including “The Dragon’s Lair” newsletter) – mlssa No.2043


Decorator Crabs – mlssa No.2006


Hermits Crabs – mlssa No.2045


Victor Harbor Study – mlssa No.2048


Seaweek – mlssa No.2049


DAN Australia – mlssa No.2050


Pipefish of SA – mlssa No.2015


Fish – from “Life On Earth” (David Attenborough) – mlssa No.2016


European Featherduster Worm – mlssa No.2052


Coastal Issues Action Group – mlssa No.2053


Marine Mammal Action Group (a sub-group of the Threatened Species Network) – mlssa No.2054


Fisheries Action Program – mlssa No.2057


The International Year of the Reef – mlssa No.2058


Whale Rescuing – mlssa No.2059


The Sea Shepherd Society – mlssa No.2060


Hallett Cove School – mlssa No.2061


Star of the Sea School – mlssa No.2062


“Fish Taxonomy and Identification” (1979) by CJM Glover – mlssa No.2064


Cuttlefish protection – mlssa No.2065


“ALP Discussion Paper on SA’s Coastal & Marine Environment” (1998) – mlssa No.2066


Kangaroo Island – mlssa No.2067


Pelican Lagoon – mlssa No.2068


Publications to aid fish identifications in Australia – mlssa No.2069


“How marine life copes with a lead smelter” (1985) by Andrew Ball – mlssa No.2070


“Identification guide to major groups of marine invertebrates” (1993) by Nigel Holmes – mlssa No.2071


“Marine Invertebrates Phyllogenetics” (1993) by Nigel Holmes – mlssa No.2072


Shark berleying – mlssa No.2073


Crabs – mlssa No.2074


Nature Australia – mlssa No.2075


Rocky Intertidal Protection Zone – mlssa NO.2076


Internet Web Pages – mlssa No.2077


KI Tuna Farm Proposal – mlssa No.2078


Survey information – mlssa No.2079


1985 Port River Chemical Spill – mlssa No.2080


“Review of Alternatives for the Adelaide Metropolitan Beach Replenishment Strategy” (1992) published by the Coastal Management Branch, Dept. Environment & Planning – mlssa No.2081


“Marine Reserves in South Australia: Proposals for some future directions” (1979) by Ottaway, Oak, Bossley & Gardiner – mlssa No.2082


“We can help – A community Threatened Species Action Guide” (1998) published by the Threatened Species Network – mlssa No.2083


Marine Protected Areas – mlssa No.2084


Local Branch Guidelines for the Australian Marine Conservation Society – mlssa No.2085


Wastewater Treatment Plants in SA – mlssa No.2086


“SA’s Parks & Wildlife – Keeping our future alive” – mlssa No.2087


“Our Sea, Our Future – Major findings of the State of the Marine Environment Report for Australia” – mlssa No.2088


“Our Sea, Our Future – Summary of the State of the Marine Environment Report for Australia” – mlssa No.2089


Sunday Mail Enviro Tour 1/6/97 – mlssa No.2090


“Patawalonga Water”, news from the Patawalonga Catchment Water Management Board, June 1997 – mlssa No.2091


West Beach Boat Ramp Issue – mlssa No.2092


Reef Watch – mlssa No.2093


Artificial Reefs – mlssa No.2094


“Cleaner Urban Waterways Award 1997” – mlssa No.2095


“KESAB Action Awards 1997” – mlssa No.2096


“Coastal and Marine Resource Guide” (1996) published by Environment Australia (Commonwealth Coastal Action Program) – mlssa No.2097


“Field Activities for Coastal and Marine Environments” (1997) published by the Department of the Environment, Sports & Territories – mlssa No.2098


The National Estate Grants Program (Australian Heritage Commission) – mlssa No.2099


Australia’s Oceans Policy (AOP)- Report of the Ministerial Group on Oceans Policy (March 1998) – mlssa No.2100


AOP – An Issues Paper (For public comment) May 1998 – mlssa No.2101


Australia’s Marine Science & Technology Plan – Draft for consultation (June 1998) – mlssa No.2102


AOP Background Paper 1 – Oceans Facts & Figures (A Primer on Australia’s Oceans and Exclusive Economic Zone) – mlssa No.2103


AOP Background Paper 2 – International Agreements (Review of International Agreements, Conventions, Obligations and Other Instruments Influencing Use and Management of Australia’s Marine Environment) October 1997 – mlssa No.2104


AOP Background Paper 3 – Submissions (Analysis of Submissions to the Oceans Policy Consultation Paper) – mlssa No.2105


AOP Background Paper 4 – Reviews & Recommendations (Analysis of Marine and Coastal Reviews and their Recommendations in relation to Development of an Oceans Policy for Australia) – mlssa No.2106


AOP Issues Paper 1 – Oceans Planning & Management (Multiple Use Management in the Australian Marine Environment: Principles, Definitions and Elements) June 1997 – mlssa No.2107


AOP Issues Paper 2 – Oceans Planning & Management (Management Instruments for Marine Resource Allocation and Use) September 1997 – mlssa No.2108


AOP Issues Paper 3 – Oceans Planning & Management (Best Practice Mechanisms for Marine Use Planning) September 1997 – mlssa No.2109


AOP Issues Paper 4 – Socio-cultural Considerations (Caring for the Commons – Socio-cultural Considerations in Oceans Policy Development and Implementation) October 1997 – mlssa No.2110


AOP Issues Paper 5 – Socio-cultural Considerations (Expanding the Role of Collaborative Management and Stewardship in the Conservation Management of Australia’s Marine and Coastal Resources) October 1997 – mlssa No.2111


AOP Issues Paper 6 – Socio-cultural Considerations (Socio-cultural – Saltwater Country Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Interest in Ocean Policy Development and Implementation) October 1997 – mlssa No.2112


AOP Issues Paper 7 – Biodiversity Conservation (November 1997) – mlssa No.2113


“Notes on parental care, hatching and raising of seadragons” (1988) by Rudie Kuiter – mlssa No.2114A&B *

* A=English version, B=French version


“Torrens Water”, news from Torrens Catchment Waster Management Board – mlssa No.2115


“Sustainable Use or Multiple Abuse”, an ACF Habitat supplement – mlssa NO.2116


“Our Seas & Coasts – a marine & estuarine strategy for SA” – mlssa No.2117


Glenelg Barges Fish Sightings – mlssa No.2118


Lobby Group Against Netting – mlssa No.2119


Urban Runoff – mlssa No.2120


Biology of estuaries & coastal waters – mlssa NO. 2121


Underwater photography – mlssa No.2122


“Changes in Seagrass Coverage” (EPA) – mlssa No.2123


“Great Australian Bight Marine Park Management Plan Part A” – mlssa No.2124A


“Great Australian Bight Marine Park Management Plan Part B” – mlssa No.2124B


“Coast Protection Board Annual report 1997-8” – mlssa No.2125


“Southern Metropolitan Coastal Waters Study Report” – mlssa No.2126A


“Southern Metropolitan Coastal Waters Study Summary” – mlssa No.2126B


“Australia’s Oceans Policy No.1” – mlssa No.2127


“Australia’s Oceans Policy No.2 – Specific Sectorial Measures” – mlssa No.2128


Seadragon File – mlssa No.2129


“Environmental Performance Measures – Sign posts to the future” – mlssa No.2130


“Biodiversity – A guide to using & protecting Australia’s biodiversity” – mlssa No.2131


“Sharks” by Kelvin Aitkin (Sportsdiving magazine feature) – mlssa No.2132


“1999 Environmental Sciences Catalogue” – mlssa No.2133


“Earthlink – Australia’s environmental products & services directory” – mlssa No.2134


“SA Rock Lobster – Today’s Ocean Conscious Industry” – mlssa No.2135


“Our Seas & Coasts – Marine & Estuary Strategy for SA” – mlssa No.2136 (same as 2117?)


“Reefwatch Program Manual” – mlssa No.2137


Library list from the Malacological Society of SA – mlssa No.2138


Seahorses file – mlssa No.2139


“Magic Dragons – South Australia’s Best Kept Secret” by David Muirhead – mlssa No.2140


“Protecting Our Oceans – Australia’s MPAs” – mlssa No.2141


“Strategic Plan of Action for National MPAs” – mlssa NO.2142


“World Environment Day 2000” – mlssa No.2143


“Senate Inquiry into Gulf St Vincent” the report from the Senate Inquiry, published by the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, 1999 – mlssa No.2144


“Protecting Gulf St Vincent – A statement on its health and future” published by the Department of Environment & Natural Resources, 1997 – mlssa No.2145


“Lethal Waters:the assault on our marine mammals”, a special ‘Habitat’ supplement, published by the Australian Conservation Foundation – mlssa No.2146


“National Pollutant Guide 1998” published by Environment Australia – mlssa No.2147


“Marine Environment Emergencies – help save our oceans & coasts” published by the Centre for Local Government Training, April 2000 – mlssa No.2148


“52nd meeting of International Whaling Commission” – mlssa No.2149


“The Seacliff Wave Recorder” – mlssa No.2150


“Project Seahorse information” – mlssa No.2151


“National Library of Australia” – mlssa No.2152


“Reefwatch Invertebrate Workshop 2000” – mlssa NO. 2153


“The Australian Marine Debris Status Review: Summary Report” – mlssa No. 2155


“The ANZECC Working Party on Marine Debris: Summary Report” – mlssa No. 2156


“Focus On The Bluff Booklet 4 – Content guide & worksheets for each grade” – mlssa No. 2157


“Great Australian Bight Exploration Program, Environmental Marine Research Atlas” 2001 – mlssa No. 2158


“World Environment Day 2001” – mlssa No. 2159 (2000 – mlssa No. 2143)


“Seaweek 2001” – mlssa No. 2160


“Below Decks Project” (Granite Island aquarium_ – mlssa No. 2161


“Environmental Defenders Office” – mlssa No. 2162


“Hemp SA file” – mlssa No. 2163


“Cooperative Research Centre for Coastal Zone, Estuary & Waterway Management” (CRC Aust) – mlssa No. 2164


“John Hill, MP” – mlssa No. 2165


“Iain Evans, MP” – mlssa No. 2166


“The Health of Subtidal Reefs Along the Adelaide Metropolitan Coastline 1996-99” by the EPA – mlssa No. 2167


“Coastline- A strategy for implementing CPB policies on coastal acid sulfate soils in South Australia, No.33 January 2003”, SACPB- mlssa No. 2168


“Yankalilla Bay and Beyond – SA’s Fleurieu Peninsula 2002-2003 visitor guide” – mlssa No. 2169


“South Australia’s Fisheries and Aquaculture Research and Development Strategy 2002-2007” – mlssa No. 2170


“South Australian wetlands” file – mlssa No. 2171


“Semaphore sand issue” file – mlssa No. 2172


“Diving & Boating safety” file – mlssa No. 2173


“Caulerpa taxifolia” file – mlssa No. 2174


“Copyright info.” file – mlssa No. 2175


“Christmas Island” file – mlssa No. 2176


“Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Strategy” – mlssa No. 2177


“Draft Coastal Management Strategy Plan – City of Marion” – mlssa No. 2178


“Environment Policy and Action Plan” – mlssa No. 2179


“Conservation Overview and Action Plan for Australian Threatened and Potentially Threatened Marine and Estuarine Fishes 2002” by Pognowski, Pollard & Paxton – mlssa No. 2180


“Oceans Policy: Principles & Processes” – mlssa No. 2181


“Environmental Indicators for National State of the Environment Reporting – Inland Water” – mlssa No. 2182


“Environmental Indicators for National State of the Environment Reporting – Estuaries & the Sea” – mlssa No. 2183


“ANZECC Interim Marine & Coastal Regionalisation for Australia: An Eco-system-based Classification for Marine & Coastal Environments June 1998” – mlssa No. 2184


“Ambient Water Quality Monitoring of the Gulf St Vincent Metropolitan Coastal Waters No.2” – mlssa No.2185


“Investment Strategy for the Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan – Mount Lofty Ranges and Greater Adelaide Region 2003” – mlssa No. 2186


“A Survey of the Western Blue Groper in Western South Australia” by Scoresby Shepherd & James Brook – mlssa No. 2187


“Cooperative Research Centre for Coastal Zone Estuary & Waterway Management Annual Report 2002-2003” – mlssa No. 2188


“Water Quality of Adelaide’s Metropolitan Coastal Waters – A Community Summary” – mlssa No. 2189


“Preliminary Field Observations of Mating and Spawning in the Squid Sepioteuthis australis” by Troy M. Jantzen & Jon N. Havenhand – mlssa No. 2190


“Reproductive Behavior in the Squid Sepioteuthis australis From South Australia: Ethogram of Reproductive Body Patterns” by Troy M. Jantzen & Jon N. Havenhand – mlssa No. 2191


“Reproductive Behavior in the Squid Sepioteuthis australis From South Australia: Interactions on the Spawning Grounds” by Troy M. Jantzen & Jon N. Havenhand – mlssa No. 2192


Wallaroo Cuttles – mlssa No.2193


Eight Mile Creek & Ewens Ponds – mlssa No. 2194


Native Fish Australasia (SA) – mlssa No. 2195


Friends of Gulf St Vincent – mlssa No. 2196


Seadragon Photographics pamphlet (photocopy) – mlssa No.2197


SA’s Bioregions & Bio-icons – mlssa No.2198


“City Litter – Ocean Killer” cards – mlssa No.2199


Great Barrier Reef – mlssa No. 2200


Guest speakers – mlssa No.2201


Fisheries Act Review 2003 – mlssa No.2202


Ningaloo Reef – mlssa No.2203


“Adelaide Coastal Waters Study” – mlssa 2204 (also on floppy disk – mlssa No. 8011)


DEH algae cards (May 2004) – mlssa 2205


Advertiser “Education” liftouts – “Ocean Planet” & “Wetlands” 2004 – mlssa No. 2206


“Protection of the Deep”, SE marine regions – mlssa No. 2207


“Seafriend” web site information – mlssa No. 2208


Heidi Bartram file – mlssa No. 2209


Nudibranch file, including Polycera hedgpethi details – mlssa No. 2210


“Crown of Thorns Starfish control program on the Great Barrier Reef – fine scale survey report” – mlssa No. 2211


“Where have all the codfish gone?” – mlssa No. 2212


Estuaries Policy for SA (incl. discussion paper March 2004 – mlssa No. 2213


Starfish file – mlssa No. 2214


“Greg Rouse – worms and featherstars” file including newspaper cuttings – mlssa No. 2215.


“Encounter 2002 Expedition to the Isles of St Francis, South Australia: Myzostoma australe (Myzostomida), A new crinoid associated worm from South Australia” in the “Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia (2003), 127(2), 265-268, 28 November, 2003” – mlssa No. 2216.


Myzostoma seymourcollegiorum n.sp. (Myzostomida) from southern Australia, with a description of its larval development” by Greg Rouse and Mark Grygier, Zootaxa 1010:53-64 (2005), ISSN 1175-5326 (print edition) ISSN 1175-5334 (online edition) – mlssa No. 2217.


“Annelida” by Greg Rouse, Fredrik Pleijel and Damhnait McHugh at – mlssa No. 2218.


“Osedax: Bone-eating Marine Worms with Dwarf Males” by GW Rouse, SK Goffredi & RC Vrijenhoek – mlssa No. 2219.


“Worms discovered living on whale bones” (source unknown) – mlssa No. 2220.


“Ceci n’est pas une pipe: names, clades and phylogenetic nomenclature” by Fredrik Pleijel and Greg Rouse, J.Zool. Syst. Evol. Research 41 (2003) 162-174, ISSN 0947-5745 – mlssa No. 2221.


“Marine Mammal Strandings in Australia: developing a national approach (May 2004) – mlssa No. 2222.


“The Growth of Whale Watching Tourism in Australia (May 2004) – mlssa No. 2223.


“Marine Mammals of Australia & New Zealand” – mlssa No. 2224.


IFAW Whale Information – pamphlets, leaflets, etc.. (International Fund for Animal Welfare) –  mlssa No. 2225.


“Cleaning Symbiosis among Inshore Fishes at Althorpe Island, SA and Elsewhere” by Scoresby Shepherd & David Muirhead – mlssa No. 2227


File of M.Hammer reports & Native Fish Australia (SA) – mlssa No. 2228


“No Species Loss – A Biodiversity Strategy for SA 2006-2016” – mlssa No. 2229


“Meeting the Challenge of Coastal Growth – ALP discussion paper” – mlssa No. 2230


“Our Parks” ALP SA 2006 – MLSSA No. 2231


“The Heavy Metals of SA Dolphins – an overview” EPA – mlssa No. 2232


“Yorke Peninsula Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)” SARFAC – mlssa No. 2233


“Yorke Peninsula Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) addendum – Aquaculture – Eastern Spencer Gulf – Policy 2005” SARFAC – mlssa No. 2234


“Coobowie Bay/Salt Creek Proposed Aquatic Reserve” SARFAC – mlssa No. 2235


“Marine Planning Framework for SA” DEH – mlssa No. 2236


“Draft Spencer Gulf Marine Plan” DEH – mlssa No.2237


“EDO Submission 1/3/06 re Inquiry into Australia’s National Parks, Conservation Areas & MPAs” – mlssa No. 2238


“Jeanette Power” file – mlssa No. 2239


The Advertiser’s “1° , Change the Planet’s Future” 10 parts + 4 posters re climate change (+ spares) – mlssa No. 2240


“Beyond the Blue Horizon” – mlssa No. 2241


“Naturelinks – East meets West Corridor Plan Draft – implementing SA’s Strategic Plan” – mlssa No. 2242


Climate Change & Greenhouse Emissions Reduction Bill 2006, including consultation draft, explanatory paper & requirements for comments – mlssa No. 2243


DEH estuaries information package for NRM regions – mlssa Nos. 2244-8


“Seagrass” file, including “Seagrasses of Australia” by H.Kirkman & “Priorities for Seagrass Research in Australia” – mlssa No. 2249


“WA Museum” file, including “Tracks” magazine – mlssa No. 2250


“The Leeuwin Current – Life of the West” – mlssa No. 2251


“Census of Marine Life – DNA bar-coding proposal” – mlssa No. 2252


“No Species Loss – A Nature Conservation Strategy for SA 2007-2017” DEH – mlssa No. 2253


Enviro Fund – Coastal & Marine – mlssa No.2254


“Water Allocation Plan for the River Murray Prescribed Water Course – Concept Statement” – mlssa No. 2256


“South Australian Biosecurity Strategy 2008-2013 – Draft for Public Consultation” – mlssa No.2257


CCSA Annual report for members 2007-08 – mlssa No. 2258


CCSA 2007-08 Member groups & committee representatives updates – mlssa No. 2259


CCSA Member group updates, representatives & nominee reports, working group reports 2007 – mlssa No.2260


“Commercial Marine Mammal Interactions Permitting Policy” DEH – mlssa No. 2261


Environment Highlights – 15 stories of 2007 (DEH) – mlssa No. 2262


CCSA Member groups & committee representatives updates 2008/09 – mlssa No. 2263


“Coast Protection Board” file – mlssa No. 2264


“Marine Mammal Regulations” file – mlssa No. 2265


“Healthy Landscapes for Better Living” – mlssa No. 2266



“SA in a Changing Climate – A Blueprint for a Sustainable Future” – mlssa No. 2267


“Gulf St Vincent – A Precious Asset” – mlssa No. 2268


SAMBNRMB Regional NRM Plan – mlssa No. 2269


SAMBNRMB Our Plan, Our Future – mlssa No. 2270


“Shaping the Future of the Coorong & Lower Lakes” – mlssa No. 2271


“Abundance, Movement & Individual Identification of Leafy Seadragons, Phycodurus eques” – mlssa No. 2272


“Patterns of Movement & Habitat Use by Leafy Seadragons Tracked Ultrasonically” – mlssa No. 2273


“Range Extensions for Four estuarine Gobies in Southern Australia: Historically Overlooked Native Taxa or Recent Arrivals?” by MP Hammer – mlssa No. 2274


“Chain of Ponds – Preserving the West Coast of South Australia” by David Letch – mlssa No. 2275


“Water for Good News” Dept for Water – mlssa No. 2276


Marine National Facility 2008 Program RV Surveyor Voyage Summary SS02/2008 – The role of submarine canyons in upwelling, sediment transport, and productivity hotspots off the Bonney Coast and Kangaroo Island, South Australia – mlssa No. 2277


Untitled booklet for students staying at Camp Noonamena, near Meningie. Student activities include canoeing & botanical collecting. Text includes details regarding the Coorong, canoeing info, plants & eucalypts, natural history collecting, etc.. – mlssa No.2278


Untitled booklet for students re oceanography. Text includes details regarding ocean currents, plankton & activities for students – mlssa No.2279


Marine posters from The Advertiser – mlssa No.2280

“Notes for field identification of South Australia shallow water hermit crabs” (1 ½ pages) by Peter Abrahams – mlssa No.2281


“Dangerous Marine Organisms & Treatment for Bites and Stings” (1 ½ pages) – mlssa No.2282


Clean Seas Tuna Ltd’s announcement to Australian Stock Exchange 4/3/08 re their “World-first breakthrough as Clean Seas creates artificial breeding regime for southern bluefin tuna” (2-3 pages) – mlssa No.2283


Advertiser report on standardization of fish names under Australian Fish Names Standards (2007) – mlssa No.2284


Special collection – Flinders University Library – mlssa No.2285


Sea Turtle Sighting Somerton Beach 16/6/01 – mlssa No.2286


“Iron-hulled Heritage Vessel Restoration” by Matt Gurn (The Pratt Foundation/ISS Institute Fellowship) – mlssa No.2287 (see also CD mlssa No.8048)


“Adelaide’s Living Beaches – A strategy for 2005-2025” – mlssa No.2288


“DEH Corporate Plan 2006/7”– mlssa No.2289


“DEH Corporate Plan 2007/10”– mlssa No.2290


“DEH Environment Highlights 2006” – mlssa No.2291


“Sustainable Consumption ( National Youth Affairs)” – mlssa No.2292


“Educating for a Sustainable Future” – mlssa No.2293


“Tackling Climate Change – SA’s Greenhouse Strtaegy” – mlssa No.2294


“Climate Change & Greenhouse Emissions Reduction Bill 2006” – mlssa No.2295


“The Future for Lake Albert” – mlssa No.2297


“Volunteer Partnership in Action” – mlssa No.2298


“A Key to Marine Animals” – mlssa No.2299


“Distribution & Ontogenetic Shifts in Habitat & Abundance of the Temperate Western Blue Groper” – mlssa No.2300


“The Proposed BHPB Desalination Plant at Point Lowly” – mlssa No.2301


“Draft Water Allocation Plan for the Western Mount Lofty Ranges” papers & CD – mlssa No.2302


“Sea Creatures & Sea Shores” (sample only) – mlssa No.2303


“Austasia Aquaculture” magazine 2011 – mlssa No.2304


“Flinders Journal” 2011 – mlssa No.2305


“Boat Owners Guide – Caring for our coastal waters” – mlssa No.2306


“SA Recreational Boating Safety Handbook” – mlssa No.2307


“Water Quality of Adelaide’s Metropolitan Coastal Waters – A Community Summary” – mlssa No.2308


“The SA State Natural Resources Management Plan – What it means for conservation” – mlssa No.2309


“Water in a Changing Climate – A vision for SA in 2050” – mlssa No.2310


“Echo” magazine” (WDCS) incl. “WDCS magazine” – mlssa No.2311


“Adelaide Coastal Waters information sheet No.1 – Importance of seagrass” – mlssa No.2313


“Moreton Bay Marine Park Draft Zoning Plan” – mlssa No.2314


O’Sullivan Beach Reef – mlssa No.2315


Ewens Ponds – mlssa No.2316


Port Stanvac Desalination Plant – mlssa No.2317


“Draft Northern & Yorke NRM Plan” – mlssa No.2318


Birds, incl. “Wetland Birds of South Australia” booklet (mlssa No.1066) – mlssa No.2319


Dolphins, incl. KI Dolphin Watch – mlssa No.2320

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