Catalog # Title / Description Author Publisher Year
MLSSA 8004 Grey Nurse Shark protection lobbying CD
MLSSA 8005 Grey Nurse Shark protection lobbying DVD
MLSSA 8006 Coast & Marine Education Framework CD
MLSSA 8008 Whyalla’s Cuttles (3 features) CD
MLSSA 8009 Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan – Mount Lofty Ranges and Greater Adelaide Region 2003” CD
MLSSA 8011 “Adelaide Coastal Waters Study” floppy disk
MLSSA 8012 “Hold Up Pacifique” (Vanuatu, French) DVD
MLSSA 8022 “Living Coast Strategy for SA” CD
MLSSA 8024 M.Hammer’s reports & fish photos CD – mlssa No. 8024 Hammer, M
MLSSA 8025 “The Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges Fish Inventory” CD Hammer, M
MLSSA 8026 “South Australian Shipwrecks 1802-1989 – A Data Base” CD by Peter Christopher (SUHR) ISBN 0 9588006 2 6, “The Morgan Project”  (SUHR) ISBNs 0 9588006 3 4, 0 9588006 4 2, 0 9588006 5 0 – mlssa No. 8026 Christopher, Peter SUHR
MLSSA 8027 “Community Awareness Forum for the National System for the Prevention and Management of Introduced Marine Pest Incursions” CD Primary Industries & Resources South Australia (PIRSA)
MLSSA 8028 “Cuttlefish Attack on Neville Skinner at Rapid Bay 21.5.00” DVD & CD Skinner, Neville
MLSSA 8029 “What You Should Know About Great White Sharks” CD Kemp, Phil
MLSSA 8030 “Ewens Ponds algal bloom news story on Ch.10”, “The Land That Sank” by Reg Lipson (1989) and “Ewens Ponds on “Getaway” 1980s” DVD” – mlssa No.8030 Lipson, Reg
MLSSA 8031 “Australian Warships Scuttled As Dive Wrecks” DVD Reynolds, Steve
MLSSA 8032 “Shores of Gulf St Vincent” and “Michaelams Cay”  DVD – (see also 8010) Steene, Douglas
MLSSA 8033 “The Amazing Adventures of Gavin, a Leafy Seadragon” DVD
MLSSA 8034 “Beyond the Coast – Exploring Southern Australian reefs”
MLSSA 8035 “Beyond the Coast – Preserving Southern Australian reefs”
MLSSA 8036 “Development and Evaluation of Community-based Monitoring Programs for Coastal Eco-systems & Fisheries Habitats” CD 2008
MLSSA 8037 “Save Our Sealife” DVD
MLSSA 8038 “Marine Reserves – A view from the bridge” DVD – (see also mlssa No. 8002)
MLSSA 8039 “Ultimate Shark” DVD National Geographic
MLSSA 8040 “Caribbean Coral Reef” DVD National Geographic
MLSSA 8041 “Living Oceans” CD
MLSSA 8042 “Using the release weight to improve the survival of released fish” RecFish
MLSSA 8043 “Learn to Fish 2” DVD
MLSSA 8048 “Iron-hulled Heritage Vessel Restoration” CD (see also mlssa No. 2287) Gurn, Matt Pratt Foundation, The / ISS Institute Fellowship

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