Marine Aquaria Papers & Files

Catalog # Title / Description Author Publisher Year
6001 “Setting up and maintaining a temperate marine aquarium” created and written by the Marine Life Society of SA. There are about six chapters as follows:-   Marine Life Society of South Australia Inc.
The basics of setting up a temperate marine aquarium Mower, Geoff
Basic under-gravel filter construction Mower, Geoff
A refrigeration unit for temperate aquariums Gilbert, Peter
Conditioning new bacteriological filters Gilbert, Peter
Feeding marine fish and invertebrae in the aquarium Simon, Harry
Maintaining an ecological balance in an aquarium Warren, Denise
Notes on keeping some temperate marine fish Warren, Denise
Collecting marine creatures Hall, Phillip
6002 Marine Aquaria – A file which contains articles such as:-  
Setting up a temperate marine aquarium  
A refrigeration unit for temperate aquariums    
  Basic under-gravel filter construction  
  Marine fish diagnosis flow chart  
6003 Aquarium Life Australia magazine, Issue 2, Vol.2. This mag featured MLSSA and articles by associates of our Society (Dr C.Emmens, founder of MARIA) & Ric Fallu of the Marine Aquarium Society of Victoria)  
6004 Feeding marine fish/invertebrae in the aquarium – lists compiled by MARIA (SA) members   MARIA
6005 MARIA Scientific Folder – a compilation of articles, mostly about aquarium keeping   MARIA
6006 Masters of MARIA articles from Scientific Folder (includes some copies also)   MARIA

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