My snorkel buddy Dan and I sighted this Smooth Stingray, Bathytoshia brevicaudata, in Angas Inlet (between Torrens Island & Garden Island) in early February 2017: –

We had been snorkelling at the Garden Island fishing platform (jetty?) before we decided to swim across Angas Inlet to Torrens Island. It was during our swim back to Garden Island that we came across the smooth stingray mid-channel.

The water was a little bit murky, and I struggled to get close enough to the stingray for a decent photograph of it. Dan had more luck than me due to his better freediving ability. The result was this great photo by Dan: –

(Taken by Dan Monceaux)

It is that photo that Dan posted to iNaturalist. Here is my distant photo of Dan photographing the stingray: –

Here are the rest of my own photos from that day: –

My thanks go to Dan Monceaux for suggesting that we snorkel at Garden Island that day, that we swim across to Torrens Island, and for managing such a great photo of the smooth stingray and posting details on iNaturalist.

By Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds is the current President of MLSSA and is a long-standing member of the Society. Steve was a keen diver, underwater explorer & photographer before illness struck. He is chief author of the Society's extensive back catalogue of newsletters and journals.

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