Giant Australian Cuttlefish

The Marine Life Society of South Australia is engaged with or intends to engage with both Government and the general public on a variety of marine conservation issues relevant to the state. These include (but are not limited to):

  • the decline of Giant Australian Cuttlefish in Northern Spencer Gulf
  • environmental impacts of coastal developments
  • environmental impacts of marine aquaculture
  • the future of the Port Stanvac Jetty
  • marine mammal interactions & legislation
  • marine parks zoning and management
  • proposed port developments & shipping
  • proposed seawater desalination plants & regulation
  • protection of the Western Blue Groper
  • protection of the Harlequin Fish
  • the statewide decline of Little Penguin populations


One thought on “Current Issues”

  1. Steve, we need to update this. Port Stanvac jetty is gone. And I suggest adding
    # Seagrass decline in GSV (for which minimal research funding is current).
    # Urgent need for ongoing funding to monitor the SA population of the critically endangered Australian Sealion (some experts predict the species will soon become extinct in the wild, and SA is now their last stronghold, if the word can be used in this sorry context, because the Victorian population has almost vanished and WA has only a few small, remote breeding colonies in the Bight).

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