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Jan 30

January 30, 2015

Sylvia Earle underwater NOAA 1970

Sylvia Earle – Veteran ocean explorer and conservationist comes to Adelaide

Adelaide will soon be graced by the presence of American veteran ocean explorer and oceanographer, Sylvia A. Earle. She will be making two public appearances while in Adelaide where she will speaking about her work and passion for the ocean. Her first appearance will be at WOMADelaide on March 9 (as part of the Planet Talks series) and secondly at a free... Read more

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Jan 29

January 29, 2015

Surf Sardines and Silver Fish

(As told to Steve Reynolds by David Muirhead) Society member David Muirhead has provided several fish images for the Australian Museum’s Find A Fish website. It seems that the site contains information on at least 1412 species in 270 families. The feature photo for David’s profile was taken on the surface after a dive at Port Hughes Jetty in March... Read more

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Jan 4

January 4, 2015

Black Cowry (Zoila friendii thersites) at Port Noarlunga - Dan Monceaux

Black Cowry (Zoila friendii thersites)

Yesterday, while snorkeling at the Port Noarlunga reef in near perfect conditions I was fortunate enough to encounter a South Australian endemic gastropod mollusk, the Black Cowry (Zoila friendii thersites). The animal I sighted was perched quite conspicuously on a large yellow/orange sponge in about three metres of water. I later discovered that a photograph taken by Greg Adams of one in... Read more

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