Sepia apama collection from Gulf St Vincent aims to finish 172 year-old taxonomy task

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MLSSA member and documentary filmmaker Dan Monceaux has just announced via that he’s working with scientists and the South Australian Museum to help complete a 172 year-old taxonomic task. He’s currently reaching out to the recreational fishing community, asking for donations of any cuttlefish caught in Gulf St Vincent. […]

The Mystery Wreck at Cape Jervis

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I am just putting this out there! In June 1968, a “Staff Reporter” for The News reported an 1889 shipwreck at Cape Jervis (South Australia) called the Ben Loric. According to the front page article on Monday 17th June 1968 (“Body of diver, 26, found”), the “old wreck (of the […]

The Life of Brian J Brock

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Our condolences go to the family & friends of our late Life Member, Brian Brock who died at home on 20th April 2021. Brian’s funeral is being held at 10.45 on Thursday 29th April 2021 in the Acacia Chapel at Enfield Memorial Park, Clearview. Brian had been a member of our […]

cuttlefish and purple sea urchin at Point Lowly by Dan Monceaux

Fish farming could jeopardise Giant Australian cuttlefish aggregation near Whyalla

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In The Advertiser this week, the CEO of Clean Seas, Rob Gratton, claimed that if yellowtail kingfish farming returns to Fitzgerald Bay, upstream of the Point Lowly giant cuttlefish aggregation in Upper Spencer Gulf, it “will be subject to some of the most intense ongoing monitoring you can imagine”. The […]

A stylised rendition of mangrove leaves as fruits floats upon a yellow background suggestive of the forms of pneumatophores, gentle waves and mangrove fruits

The St Kilda salt fields brine spill – Mangrove disaster and a wake up call for the SA Government

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If you’ve been following the news in South Australia over the past few months, you’re probably aware of the many hectares of dead, dying and distressed vegetation in the St Kilda salt marshes. The most recognisable of these is the iconic grey mangrove, Avicennia marina, which can be seen up […]

More on Sea Urchin Barrens and Mini-Barrens

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Further to my articles Sea urchin barrens and mini-barrens and Follow-up re Sea urchin barrens and mini-barrens, when Chris Roberts posted this photo of Red-tipped Urchins, Heliocidaris tuberculata, seen at Little Bay, New South Wales, on iNaturalist, David Muirhead commented, “looks like you have a problem with (urchin) barrens in […]