Aug 14

August 14, 2016


MLSSA replaced the SA Museum Underwater Research Group

Our Society celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. Next year we can celebrate our 60th! That’s if we take the word of our Patron & Life Member, Dr Scoresby Shepherd. He says that MLSSA, formerly MARIA (SA Branch), followed on from the SA Museum Underwater Research Group. The Museum URG was established in 1957. It was part of many international URGs which commenced in France in 1945 (meaning that we indirectly reached our 70th anniversary last year). The first URG was established…

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Jul 19

July 19, 2016


Follow-up re Sea urchin barrens and mini-barrens

Further to my article titled “Sea urchin barrens and mini-barrens” ( ), Society member, David Muirhead commented, “Magazine Bay looks so nice Steve. I can see why you dived that day rather than sat on the beach reading a magazine (or waiting for one to explode)!” David then added, “PS: the only barrens or minis I’d seen in my early diving days were in Fiji and those were uncommon, but here in SA it is only in the last few…

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Jul 3

July 3, 2016

Snapshot 1 (7-3-2016 6-54 PM)

Victorian marine worm I.D.

Early April 2016, we received an email message with the subject heading “Possible new species”. The message read (in part), “I was just went down Shoreham Beach with my family for a walk through the reef and stumbled across a strange creature. We were able to get a good quality video of it and thought I could send to you. We have previously sighted it three years ago at Mushroom Reef but wasn’t able to get it to any professionals….

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Jul 2

July 2, 2016

Jun 13

June 13, 2016

Jun 12

June 12, 2016


The naming of the Bluefin Leatherjacket, Thamnaconus degeni

David Muirhead took this photo of a male Bluefin Leatherjacket, Thamnaconus degeni, at the Noarlunga Tyre Reef: – Photo of a male Bluefin Leatherjacket, Thamnaconus degeni (Taken by David Muirhead at the Noarlunga Tyre Reef) The leatherjacket was named by a Mr C Tate Regan in 1902 (or 1903). He named it Pseudomonacanthus degeni at the time. It later became Thamnaconus degeni CAAB Code:37465037). So Thamnaconus degeni is now the accepted  name for the species, whilst Pseudomonacanthus degeni is a…

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Jun 9

June 9, 2016

The results for the first ACSA national survey about public participation in marine citizen science are now online

Gretta Pecl, Les Christidis and Vicki Martin have now published the results for the first Australian Citizen Science Association national survey about public participation in marine citizen science. The results are now online in BioScience at . “Public Interest in Marine Citizen Science: Is there Potential for Growth?” by Martin, V. Y., Christidis, L., & Pecl, G. T. (2016) (BioScience. doi: 10.1093/biosci/biw070) examines the level of public interest that there is in volunteering for marine citizen science and the types of people who are most likely…

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Jun 6

June 6, 2016

beachcast octopus 2016

Large Octopus Beach-washed at Petrel Cove

We recently received an email message reading “Howdy! I found this Octopus washed up at Petrel Cove and I can’t figure out what species it is. I estimate its leg span to be about 1.5m. Annelise Johnson” The message was accompanied by this photo of the beach-washed octopus: – Our reply to Annelise was: “Hi Annelise, That’s a beauty! The one species that occurs in SA with a large leg span is the Maori Octopus (up to 3m). What became…

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May 27

May 27, 2016


Tumby Bay Author, Eric Kotz

Tumby Bay author, Eric Kotz self-published his second book in February 2016. It is titled “The Jawsome Coast”, sub-titled “A Social History of Australia’s Southern Coastline and the Effect on it of the Great White Shark, its Conservation ‘Industry’ and Shark Tourism”. We assisted Eric in presenting his new book at a meeting of the Underwater Explorer’s Club of SA on 6th April. I attended that meeting to hear Eric speak about the book and I was able to purchase…

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May 11

May 11, 2016