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Dec 20

December 20, 2014

Ewens Ponds Conservation Park 2013 Tim Koch

Exploring Ewens Ponds Conservation Park underwater

Ewens Ponds is a somewhat little-known secret in regards to fresh-water diving and snorkeling in South Australia. Situated about half an hour south of Mount Gambier, it is fairly easily accessed via unsealed roads (once you have hired a wetsuit at the local Deli in my case). It consists of a series of three limewater spring-fueled ponds of around ten metres... Read more

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Jul 6

July 6, 2014

Detail from Stromatolites in Shark Bay - Paul Harrison, 2005

Stromatolites – Part 2

I stated in my “Thrombolites” article in our September 2013 Newsletter (No. 405) that “I couldn’t recall having heard of thrombolites”. That was despite the fact that I had previously mentioned them in my 1999 Journal article titled “Stromatolites”. The second paragraph for the 6½-page article in Journal No.10, December 1999 stated, “spherical-shaped stromatolites are known as Oncolites and (mound-like) cyanobacterial limestone... Read more

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