Our Recent Encounter with Longnose Fur Seals, Arctocephalus forsteri

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David Muirhead spotted a few longnose fur seals, Arctocephalus forsteri, prior to our recent snorkel at Snapper Point at Aldinga Beach. The seals were still swimming just off of the reef platform as we made our way out to the reef edge. David preparing to snorkel David took a few […]

Long-nosed fur seal at Encounter-Bay by Emma Monceaux

Long-nosed fur seals hauling out at the Fort Glanville breakwater

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I had a pleasant surprise on Friday afternoon, when I was treated to an intimate encounter with South Australia’s most notorious pinniped. I’m talking about Arctocephalus forsteri, the long-nosed fur seal; loved by many and detested by some. Previously known as the New Zealand fur seal, its common name caused some […]