The swimming baths at the Victoria Pier, Victor Harbor

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In my recent article “My Love Of Jetties, Some Of My Jetty Work, Granite Island Jetties & A List Of S.A. Jetties Built During the 1800s Or Early 1900s” I wrote about the Granite Island Causeway and the Victoria Pier there at Victor Harbor. Some of those details included: “The […]

Port Hughes Jetty 2013 - Steve Reynolds

My love of jetties, some of my jetty work , Granite Island jetties & a list of S.A. jetties built from the 1800s to early 1900s

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I think that I first became fascinated with jetties when I first started scuba diving in January 1978 after visiting Port Hughes jetty. I did my first sea dive at Port Noarlunga jetty in February 1978. Although I had visited several piers whilst I was in England, it was mainly […]