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Jan 11

January 11, 2017


According to “A Listing and Analysis of Fatal Diving Accidents in South Australia” by Peter Horne, the first recorded diving fatality in South Australian waters occurred on 28th December 1951. The incident was recently recounted in The Advertiser on 26th December 2016. A scan of the Boomer article in The Advertiser 26/12/16 The “Boomer” section of The Advertiser on Boxing Day featured a part of a report (said to be from 3rd January 1952) which stated that 33-year old wharf…

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Jan 4

January 4, 2016

Port Hughes Jetty 2013 - Steve Reynolds

Our ‘Pipefish’ Dive at Port Hughes

We held a dive at the Port Hughes jetty on 2nd January. We were doing a dive that had been postponed from the previous month.We had heard that many juvenile Southern Gulf Pipefish, Stigmatopora narinosa were being seen at the jetty at the time. The divers on the day consisted of Peter Gower, Chris Hall, Kevin Smith & I. A friend of Chris, and Kevin’s mother, were also there with us. This was to be my first dive at the jetty in almost three…

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Dec 2

December 2, 2015

A dive ‘full of 9’s’

Chris Hall and I dived together at Rapid Bay on 21st November. Although there isn’t anything unusual about that, one thing about the dive inspired me to write about it. It was a dive ‘full of 9‘s’! We made plans for our dive on 19th November. We planned to meet at Rapid Bay jetty at 9am. We spent 79 minutes underwater. Our maximum depth was 9.9m. The water temperature was a constant 19C. That’s about it really, except that the…

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