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Mar 19

March 19, 2015

Alan Paskett - Sepia apama, Black Point, 3-4m June 2014

Cuttlefish of South Australia

Before I embarked on the production of the documentary film Cuttlefish Country, I had little appreciation of the diversity of cuttlefish species which are found in South Australian waters. When I discuss cuttlebones with friends or strangers, I’m usually met with surprise at the revelation that cuttlebones found in beachwash along the South Australian coast represent not one, not two but several species of cuttlefish. It is also unfortunate that there is no single resource available whereby South Australian naturalists or beach combers…

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Feb 14

February 14, 2015

Scientists studying the mating tactics of giant Australian cuttlefish

When giant Australian cuttlefish, Sepia apama, mate, they meet head-to-head and embrace. The male uses a specialised arm to squirt his sperm in to the mouth of the female. There is some short video footage by Roger Hanlon from the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts available. According to that same web page, “To initiate sex, a male spreads his arms around his partner’s head . . .. Once the deed is done, the female stores the deposited sperm…

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Dec 16

December 16, 2014

Sepia officinalis © Sebastian Niedlich CC BY-NC-SA 2

New research shows shipping sound impacts cuttlefish

Cuttlefish become stressed when exposed to shipping sound and panic when exposed to loud, low-frequencies, according to two scientific papers published this year. The Marine Life Society of South Australia believes that these results should trigger increased research efforts into the impact of shipping noise on the Giant Australian cuttlefish aggregation at Point Lowly, near Whyalla in South Australia. They argue that the matter is time critical, given anticipated shipping increases should current iron ore export plans receive environmental approvals this month. In a study published…

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Oct 7

October 7, 2014

cuttlefish and purple sea urchin at Point Lowly by Dan Monceaux

Aristotle’s lantern and other ‘invertebrate bits’ by Heather Robertson

Heather Lynn Robertson/Stoker writes a blog on marine invertebrates entitled Aristotle’s Lantern. As the title of her blog suggests, Heather seems to be particularly keen on sea urchins. In her own words, “Aristotle’s lantern… is a hard, calcareous feeding structure comprised of very intricate parts unique to sea urchins.” Here is a small excerpt from one of Heather’s recent blog posts: “So this is the underside or oral surface of Spike, a purple urchin (Arbacia punctulata) that I had in…

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Oct 2

October 2, 2014

Alan Paskett - Sepia apama, Black Point, 3-4m June 2014

Marine Life Society of South Australia slams cuttlefish acoustic impact study

The Marine Life Society of South Australia has condemned a recent study into the potential impact of shipping noise on the Giant Australian Cuttlefish aggregation claiming that the study is scientifically flawed and does not prove that shipping has not adversely affected the population. The Society is concerned that the report may be used to justify the approval of the Port Bonython Bulk Commodities Export Facility near Point Lowly this month. Following the report’s release in April, secretary Dan Monceaux…

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Jun 4

June 4, 2014

Alan Paskett - Sepia apama, Black Point, 3-4m June 2014

Underwater photographers focus on Whyalla’s biodiversity

This long weekend, divers and snorkelers from Adelaide and Whyalla will unite to explore and photograph the biodiversity of Upper Spencer Gulf. The Whyalla Underwater Shootout will encourage young and old to explore the region’s rocky and artificial reefs, sandy bottoms, sea grass meadows and mangroves to show that there’s more to Whyalla’s waters than the Giant Australian Cuttlefish aggregation. The event is hosted by the Marine Life Society of South Australia, a not-for-profit organisation which was founded 38 years…

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Apr 30

April 30, 2009

Giant Australian Cuttlefish

Diving in Port Lincoln (and more on cuttlefish attacks)

(As told to Steve Reynolds by Phil Porter) Phil Porter from Port Lincoln recently became a new MLSSA member. Phil said that he has been diving in the Port Lincoln area for many years. He did a FAUI scuba course in 1981, and has been into photography since that time. “My main interest has always been the incredible local marine life, and I had built up a great collection of hundreds of photos of both fish and invertebrates. Unfortunately, I…

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Oct 30

October 30, 2007

Giant Australian Cuttlefish, Point Lowly - Paul Macdonald

Australian Giant Cuttlefish (Sepia apama)

Author: Dr Robert Browne, Seadragon Foundation Inc. Prelude: The document is an expanded excerpt for a “Conservation Guide” for the proposed BHP Billiton Desalination Plant at Port Bonython, Upper Spencer Gulf. The evolving “Conservation Guide” is available at (SFI 2007). The Australian giant cuttlefish (Sepia apama), protected syngnathids, recreational and commercial fish, and unique ecosystems are of significance to the sustainable management of marine biodiversity in the Port Bonython area (SFI 2007). Port Bonython is located on Point Lowly. The Australian…

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Jun 30

June 30, 2006

Giant Australian Cuttlefish

My Story on the Nasty Cuttlefish of SA

Location: Port Moorowie, Yorke Peninsula (Sometime in March 2006) Geoff Prince and I were diving together in shallow water of 5m along a reef to the right of the Port Moorowie boat ramp. This is a glorious place and I recommend that you take a look at it. We plan to go there again in winter when we’re not searching for crays, so I can take my camera. I digress… I was sticking my head into holes, under ledges, etc…..

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Nov 7

November 7, 2001

Alan Paskett - Sepia apama, Black Point, 3-4m June 2014

Cuttlefish in the media

I read our last MLSSA Journal (No.11) with great interest and enjoyed all of the articles including the one by Alex Gaut about cuttles. I managed to check out the ‘Cuttlefish Capital’ website and was very impressed with the webpage. The cuttlefish at Whyalla featured on Channel 7’s “Discover” program on 30/1/01 and I was duly enthused. Three of Alex’s references were by Karina Hall from SARDI who was the guest speaker at our February meeting. I enjoyed her talk…

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