Leafy Sea Dragon

Contact us:

Marine Life Society of South Australia Inc,
c/o 1/23 Kolapore Ave, LARGS NORTH SA 5016

Email: info@mlssa.org.au


Join MLSSA if you :

  • beachcomb, dive or snorkel
  • are concerned about the marine environment
  • want to meet people with similar interests
  • want to learn more about the sea and its inhabitants
  • want to have a say in any proposed legislation

Annual membership fees are :

Individual $25

Family, Organisation, Corporate $30

Our membership year is 1/4 to 31/3

Fees become due for renewal each 1/4

!/2 fees apply for new members from 1/10

Please request a membership application form via info@mlssa.org.au

Payments should be made to:

105-146, 023986840


6 thoughts on “Contact or Join us”

  1. There was a site i used in the past, http://www.mlssa.asn.au/marine.html

    Is this ^^ in anyway connected to your website?
    I ask because that site had a big list of marine life with pictures and locations of sightings. It was really helpful in identifying the different fish i had seen and finding fish i hadn’t seen yet.
    That site no longer works unfortunately. Any help in finding a new source with this kind of information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  2. To be honest, i definitely liked your old version more. The accessibility was great, the fact that i could literally step out of the water, jump on my phone and find out what all the new fish I’d seen were called, was great.
    I think sending you a photo every time i see a new fish and then waiting for a reply (even if it is quick) would take the pleasure out of finding out about them.
    Thank you for your reply and your recommendation on The Atlas of Living Australia. I think I’ll give that a go instead.
    If you eventually decide to go back in the direction of your old site, please let me know as i would definitely come back to use it.
    Thank you,

  3. I agree, we still need the Photo Index (P.I.) accessible to all. I’m also very aware it has needed revision for a long time, with regards to correct IDs, adequate data e.g. site, depth on captions, etc.. etc.. Brad’s entirely justifiable and sincere concerns roughly match mine.
    MLSSA Cmtee member David Muirhead

  4. Have you heard there are sea horses in port Augusta I have a photo of some that some boys collected at the pontoon near the yacht club

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