Update of the Flora and Fauna of Piccaninnie Ponds and Ewens Ponds (Including Eight Mile Creek)

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(This article is a re-write of one published in our 2006 Journal, because it was only one of the early drafts that was published in error and some of the intended information was missing. I attempted to rectify the error by having Part 2 published in our 2007 Journal. Now, […]

A stylised rendition of mangrove leaves as fruits floats upon a yellow background suggestive of the forms of pneumatophores, gentle waves and mangrove fruits

The St Kilda salt fields brine spill – Mangrove disaster and a wake up call for the SA Government

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If you’ve been following the news in South Australia over the past few months, you’re probably aware of the many hectares of dead, dying and distressed vegetation in the St Kilda salt marshes. The most recognisable of these is the iconic grey mangrove, Avicennia marina, which can be seen up […]

Urrbrae wetlands 2014

The effect of wetlands as a means of reducing nutrients, sediments and bacteria from stormwater

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Last month I read with concern a report of a talk about wetlands which was reported not to have mentioned stormwater. I was at the talk and remember a map of the drainage system for Adelaide being shown but I guess, like the speaker, I assumed that WETLANDS ARE ALL […]