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Oct 15

October 15, 2014

Sea Shepherd 'The Shark Cull' documentary film

‘The Shark Cull’ documentary film screening in Adelaide, October 26

A Sea Shepherd documentary film about the Western Australian shark cull is having it’s Adelaide premiere on October 26, 2014. The film exposes the brutal cruelty of the controversial program that took place off the WA Coastline last summer. It features never before seen footage & exclusive interviews with Sharon Burden (mother of Kyle Burden, tragically taken in 2011 by a White Shark), Skyler Thomas, Jeff Hansen, Nicole McLachlan, Craig Moss & Mike Dicks – captain of the Sea Shepherd vessell,…

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Sep 5

September 5, 2014

White shark by Terry Goss

Thoughts from Adelaide’s second rally against the Western Australian Shark Cull

When I was asked to speak at Adelaide’s 2nd public demonstration in opposition to the Western Australian shark cull, I seized the opportunity. Prior to the first national day of action in January, I had concluded that the Barnett/Buswell ‘catch and kill’ policy was inhumane, unnecessary and unscientific. As an independent researcher, documentary filmmaker and marine conservationist, I was more than happy to share my perspective on the foreshore at Moseley Square, Glenelg with a few hundred ocean-loving South Australians. The…

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Sep 1

September 1, 2014

Aug 2

August 2, 2014

Numbfish Find

I wrote an article about sighting a Numbfish, Hypnos monopterygium, at Semaphore Beach in our November 1991 newsletter (No.172). At the end of my article, I stated that I intended to write an article giving more details about the Numbfish for a future Newsletter. I’m not sure just what I had in mind, but I don’t believe that the proposed article ever eventuated. I am now able to rectify the situation since Alexius Sutandio found a Numbfish by accident at…

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May 23

May 23, 2014

May 9

May 9, 2014

Western Shovelnosed Ray MLSSA Dan Monceaux

Species list: Sharks, rays and skates of Upper Spencer Gulf

A variety of elasmobranchs can be found in the waters of Upper Spencer Gulf in South Australia. In 2008, the Olympic Dam Expansion EIS was published. The document housed the following data in Appendix O2. Sighting records had been aggregated from a variety of sources. These records have been represented here, in anticipation of the first Whyalla Underwater Shootout in June 2014. COMMON NAME FAMILY GENUS SPECIES SOURCE Angelshark, Australian Squatinidae Squatina australis 2, 6 Catshark, Gulf Scyliorhinidae Asymbolus vincenti 2, 6…

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Apr 30

April 30, 2014

Grey Nurse at Fish Rock Cave NSW Richard Ling 2005

Grey Nurse Sharks (Carcharias taurus)

I have been busy doing an online course through Duke University. I was doing an 8-week course entitled “Marine Megafauna: An Introduction to Marine Science and Conservation”. At least two other people that have been associated with our Society also did the same course with me. It should be all over by the time that you read this newsletter. I have enjoyed doing the course, learning the subjects and (hopefully) achieving a certificate. It is fair to say that doing the…

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Aug 30

August 30, 2002

Gummy shark illustration 1881

Dive with sharks and rays at Granite Island, Encounter Bay

Thanks to Ben Brayford from Granite Island Nature Park, I have now realized one of my diving dreams. On Sunday 23rd June I visited Ben’s ‘office’ at Granite Island. Actually, it’s off of the island. Ben’s office is the “Below Decks Shark Aquarium”, a platform moored away from the Screwpile Jetty on the island. I drove my wagon across the causeway to the island with two passengers onboard. They were my dive buddy Peter and my friend David Offord. David…

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