12-month Fishing Bans Imposed Around Glenelg & O’Sullivan Beach Shellfish Reefs

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Today, Tuesday 25th January 2022, the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) announced: “Fishing is now temporarily prohibited around the recently constructed Glenelg and O’Sullivan Beach shellfish reefs for a 12-month period to allow the reefs and marine life to settle and develop. The Department of Primary Industries and […]

A stylised rendition of mangrove leaves as fruits floats upon a yellow background suggestive of the forms of pneumatophores, gentle waves and mangrove fruits

The St Kilda salt fields brine spill – Mangrove disaster and a wake up call for the SA Government

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If you’ve been following the news in South Australia over the past few months, you’re probably aware of the many hectares of dead, dying and distressed vegetation in the St Kilda salt marshes. The most recognisable of these is the iconic grey mangrove, Avicennia marina, which can be seen up […]

Port Playford – the latest in a decade of industrial proposals for Spencer Gulf

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Port Playford – the latest in a decade of industrial proposals for Spencer Gulf by Dan Monceaux Most naturalists probably haven’t committed much thought to the topics of port developments, seawater desalination, shipping and their respective environmental impacts. I found my way into these fields of study back in 2011, […]

Annual reminder to stakeholders regarding Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome

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Alex Chalupa, Senior Biosecurity Officer, Aquatic Pest Response, Biosecurity SA, Invasive Species Unit, Department of Primary Industries and Regions, has sent us this message below. It is the annual reminder to stakeholders regarding Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS). Hi Everyone, Hope you are coping well in these extraordinary times. It’s beginning […]

Warning of hefty penalties for reef picking

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That heading comes from PIRSA as part of a warning to fishers regarding rules for removing organisms  from intertidal reefs in SA. Reef Watch says that it gets quite a few reports from members of the public who have observed people taking organisms off intertidal reefs. The taking of marine organisms […]

Second Valley update

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Spearfishing There is a spearfishing restriction at “Second Valley Bay”. It has been in place for over 23 years now. The restriction is listed in the “South Australian Recreational Fishing Guide” under “General Fishing Information/Fish Spear/Hand Spear/Powerheads”. It is also listed at http://pir.sa.gov.au/fishing/fishing_gear/permitted_devices . Signage at Second Valley in 2009 […]

White shark by Terry Goss

Submission to SA Government re: shark cage diving locations in South Australia

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To whom it may concern, Please accept this submission as our official response to the announcement that alternative sites are to be investigated for the redistribution of shark cage diving tourism. We understand that the proposed redistribution follows the absence of sharks from long established sites near the Neptune Islands, […]

Helen K- Boat trip - 156 (Port Lincoln) CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Aquaculture Regulations review open for public comment until March 2, 2015

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PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture is seeking feedback on proposed changes to the Aquaculture Regulations 2005. This is the first review of the regulations since their commencement in 2005 and aims to simplify regulatory requirements and streamline operations for aquaculture operators. The main areas of the review include administrative changes incorporating […]