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The Fab Five can be found in South Australia’s Commonwealth Marine Parks. They are five of SA’s ‘Fabulous’ charismatic species – the Australian sea lion, White-bellied sea eagle, Giant Australian cuttlefish, Great white shark and Southern right whale. These Fab Five icons occur in SA’s seven Commonwealth Marine Parks. Australian […]


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Forget the Fab Four, the Fab Five are here! The Fab Five are 5 icons from Australia’s Commonwealth Marine Parks. These 5 icons are Southern right whales, Giant Australian cuttlefish, Australian sea lions, Great White sharks and White-bellied sea eagles. There is a website about Finding the Fab Five. It […]

Our Recent Encounter with Longnose Fur Seals, Arctocephalus forsteri

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David Muirhead spotted a few longnose fur seals, Arctocephalus forsteri, prior to our recent snorkel at Snapper Point at Aldinga Beach. The seals were still swimming just off of the reef platform as we made our way out to the reef edge. David preparing to snorkel David took a few […]

Fur Seals and Sea Lions on the Outer Harbor Breakwaters

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Thanks to Dr Mike Bossley, we now have an electronic copy of the paper titled “Fur seals and sea lions (family Otariidae) on the breakwaters at Adelaide’s Outer Harbor, South Australia” co-written by Peter D. Shaughnessy, Mike Bossley and A. O. Nicholls (CSIRO PUBLISHING Australian Mammalogy, 2018, 40, 157–161 https://doi.org/10.1071/AM17001 […]

Long-nosed fur seal at Encounter-Bay by Emma Monceaux

Long-nosed fur seals hauling out at the Fort Glanville breakwater

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I had a pleasant surprise on Friday afternoon, when I was treated to an intimate encounter with South Australia’s most notorious pinniped. I’m talking about Arctocephalus forsteri, the long-nosed fur seal; loved by many and detested by some. Previously known as the New Zealand fur seal, its common name caused some […]

Southern Right Whale - SA Whale Centre - May 2014

Dan Monceaux’s submission in response to Oceanic Victor’s EPBC Act referral

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Oceanic Victor Pty Ltd/Tourism and Recreation/waters off Encounter Bay, 600m SE Victor Harbour/South Australia/Oceanic Victor Viewing Platform Proposal, SA Referral: 2015/7592 I would like to begin my personal submission by pointing out that this proposal by Oceanic Victor is the first time that any sea-cage aquaculture related operation in South […]

Southern Bluefin Tuna (Carl Charter)

Dan Monceaux’s submission in response to Oceanic Victor proposal

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed below are the personal views of the author. To PIRSA Aquaculture, Please find attached my submission in response to Oceanic Victor‘s pilot lease application to establish a sea cage aquaculture tourism operation near Granite Island in Encounter Bay, South Australia. I am linking a number of additional files […]