Joint Expedition by the Friends of Gulf St Vincent and the Marine Life Society of South Australia to Port Gawler (1st October 2022)

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Members of both groups attended a Green Adelaide-sponsored, Mudflat Monitoring Workshop at West Beach on the evening of 15th September, where researchers from Flinders University, including the current President of the Royal Society of South Australia, Professor Sabine Dittman, handed out hard copies of a draft Mudflat Monitoring Manual for […]

Habitat loss, habitat degradation and the Port River dolphins

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I see similarities between the recent and seemingly quite rapidly escalating decline in Port River dolphin numbers and the continuing extinction trend in the bushland birds of Adelaide and the Mount Lofty Ranges. Ornithologists have been saying for decades that the many smaller, specialised birds (such as robins, flycatchers, tree-creepers […]

A stylised rendition of mangrove leaves as fruits floats upon a yellow background suggestive of the forms of pneumatophores, gentle waves and mangrove fruits

The St Kilda salt fields brine spill – Mangrove disaster and a wake up call for the SA Government

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If you’ve been following the news in South Australia over the past few months, you’re probably aware of the many hectares of dead, dying and distressed vegetation in the St Kilda salt marshes. The most recognisable of these is the iconic grey mangrove, Avicennia marina, which can be seen up […]

The Growth of Mangroves at the Jervois Basin, Ethelton

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The Growth of Mangroves at the Jervois Basin, Ethelton by Steve Reynolds On 20th July 2019, I visited the Jervois Basin Ships’ Graveyard, along with Phill McPeake’s son-in-law Danny and his brother Gerard, with some of their children. We were there to record details of the Trafalgar wreck as part […]

Sand ‘Spawning Sites’

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“Sand ‘Spawning Sites’ ” by Steve Reynolds I learned a bit about fish spawning sites over the Christmas/New Year break, after buying a DVD of Big Pacific with one of my birthday gift cards. Big Pacific was a four-part TV series that aired in 2017. My DVD is a two-disc […]

Elysia expansa, Fletcher's Dock 2018

The Port River – over 100 marine and coastal species and counting

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I was first inspired to pay more attention to this often overlooked ecosystem by the discovery of the upside-down jellyfish, Cassiopea sp. there in 2016 by MLSSA president and area resident, Steve Reynolds. My personal explorations soon followed, beginning at Garden Island. There, a snorkeller can easily step into the […]