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Jul 17

July 17, 2014

The Stenhouse Bay Lookout Walk

During my Marion Bay trip in April 2014, my wife and I visited Stenhouse Bay. We enjoyed walking around the area, including the jetty there. A highlight of the day was a walk on the Stenhouse Bay Lookout Walk adjacent to the jetty. The Stenhouse Bay Lookout Walk is said to be a 2km easy walk that takes about 1... Read more

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Jul 10

July 10, 2014

Island between Hanson Bay and Cape Younghusband, Kangaroo Island

South Australia’s offshore and inshore islands – Part 1

Last year, I commenced a private study of the islands of Spencer Gulf, tenuously justified as background research on my forthcoming documentary film, Cuttlefish Country. I was struck by the number and diversity of inshore and offshore islands located there- from the sandy shoals of Curlew Island opposite the power station at Port Augusta in the north, to the rugged granite outcrops of the Neptune Islands... Read more

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Sep 1

September 1, 2004

The Recovery of Two of HMS Investigator’s Anchors

When Matthew Flinders had finished surveying the southern coast of Australia in 1802, he continued sailing his ship, HMS Investigator northwards in an attempt to chart the rest of the Australian coastline. This became quite impossible for him since the Investigator was badly leaking seawater. In early 1803 Flinders had to sail the Investigator to Timor. When he left Timor, he sailed down the coast of... Read more

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Apr 6

April 6, 2004

Althorpe Islands Google Earth 2012

The Althorpe Islands Group Visit, 2004

On 29th Feb. 2004, the second of what is now an annual expedition to explore a South Australian island group, began with great excitement at the Althorpes island group. The last trip was to the Nuyts group and next year it will be the Investigator/Sir Joseph Banks group. The Althorpes are approximately 8 km SW of Innes National Park and can... Read more

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Apr 30

April 30, 1998

Wardang Island - Google Earth

Dive Report: Wardang Island 1996

Well, seeing as I have not been on a dive for some time now I thought I would reflect on a dive I had 2 years ago out at Wardang Island. The dive took place on a calm Sunday morning and the trip out to the south west tip of the island was as smooth as a ducks bottom. On... Read more

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